What to do on your Break Time? Play

On a break? Play the up and coming craze online. The game is free to play at is a browser-based online game where you control a cell through a map, collecting pellets in order to grow. Sounds easy? Well, you have avoid being eaten by other bigger players. So the goal is to grow and avoid being consumed.

How to play:
1. Go to
2. Type in your username and select your desired region.
3. Move your cell using your mouse and start collecting the palettes to grow.
4. Avoid being consumed by the bigger players.
5. Grow!

– If you’re small enough you can hide below the viruses.
– But if you’re bigger than a virus, avoid it or else you will split into lots of small pieces.
– Smaller cells move faster, so you can press the spacebar to split your cell in half, sending one-half flying forward in order to capture a fleeing cell or even to save yourself from an imminent threat.
– Press ‘w’ to release some mass.
– Avoid the corners as you will get caught easily.

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