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What Does Physical Appearance Have to do With Making Sales?

In a world where society gives more favour to the “beautiful and better looking,” it is undeniable that physical appearance is an essential aspect in both career and life.

As real estate agents, it is demanded from us to excel in the business through consumer sale. This means that you have to invest time in meeting and dealing face-to-face with your clients. You are considered to be the workhorse of the real estate industry, whereby you have to do a little of everything. You can be an ordinary salesperson one moment, then a marketer the next, an analyst, an advocate, or even your client’s friend eventually.

With all these, making the first impression is imperative to having a successful career path within the real estate industry. Physical appearance accompanied by a strong yet pleasing personality can always bank on credibility, which is the pillar stand in sales. How you dress, how you act in front of the customer, and how you deliver your sales all add up to your capability to influence someone.

Why? Studies show that it only takes seven seconds to make an impression. The moment that someone sees you, his or her brain moves so fast that it can create so many judgements. Psychologists call this the “holistic snapshot intuition”, whereby one assesses another based only on what he or she sees.

This is all because of natural instinct. We are all wired up for survival mechanisms, just like how our prehistoric ancestors did when they had to assess something new. The first impression is more influenced by nonverbal indicators. In sales, this means a lot; with positive first impressions come trust, credibility, and the chance to nail a sale. While most of us cannot control what our genes had offered us, there are numerous ways to improve our physical appearance. Here are tips on how:


Our clothes cover the majority of our body, which is why they play a big factor in making a personal statement. As the sales agent, you will always and inevitably do fieldwork, which means that clothing should be all about comfort and chic. While business casual is very comforting, wearing a suit and tie, or a dress for women, may convey a more professional look. Nonetheless, your clothing should never compromise your individual style and creativity.


“Cleanliness is always next to godliness” as they say, and hygiene is your best buddy. Make sure that nails are trimmed and cleaned, use antiperspirant, brush your teeth, or use mint while talking to the client, use light perfumes, have your hair neatly combed, etc.


Standing tall, head straight, and pulling shoulders back signals competence and confidence.


Attitude is always equivalent to self-esteem. Being courteous, interested in what the clients have to say, knowledgeable, patient, and fun to deal with are the top 5 attitudes that clients would want their sales agent to have to build a lasting positive first impression.


Anyone can recognize a true and pleasing smile even 30 feet away. When one smiles at someone, the tendency of the person is to smile back. Why? Because a smile is a sign of welcome and friendliness, and the more your client becomes comfortable with you, the better.