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My name is James, and I am excited to introduce myself to you. I work with Kami on our small (but mighty) marketing team. I’m a fresh graduate who has moved from Wellington to Auckland (still in New Zealand), and I am so excited to be working with a start-up company that is achieving such great things. Studying Design Innovation, I looked a lot at communities and how they work, as well as ideas around designing for more than yourself. This has given me the vision to look further for the answers and really look at people’s wants and needs instead of forcing my assumptions of what I think people need.

This is where we started with the Kami blog. We wanted to achieve something that would be beneficial to the wider community. While we could just post the latest trends filled with keywords to boost our SEO and gain a lot of fickle followers, we believe this is not enough or beneficial to our audience. The goal of the Kami Blog is to produce and share quality content that will make a difference in our users’ lives. From this, we have spent a lot of time looking at the EdTech and professional communities, and creating content that we believe will be informative and entertaining.

Months after launching our blog, we took on a “more is better” approach to the way that we produce and share content. While a lot of this content has in turn been useful to our audience, the high volume of content meant that it has been often overlooked. We have since decided that if we put less time into uploading content, and more time into producing even better content, we would have more to offer the Kami community. This month we are excited to welcome our latest EdTech writer to the team, Monica Burns. Monica is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Founder of In her role as a classroom teacher, she used iPads one-to-one with her students to create engaging, differentiated learning experiences. Monica visits schools to work with PreK-12 teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible, and she has presented to numerous national and international audiences, including SXSWedu, ISTE, and EduTECH. Monica is a regular contributor to Edutopia and is the author of Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom available from Corwin Press in March 2016. Welcome aboard!

Being a start-up company, we place a lot of importance on our community, and we want all of our readers to be active members of our community. We are always happy to hear from any of our users and readers, even if it isn’t exactly what we want to hear. With your feedback, we hope to grow the Kami Blog into more than just a company blog, but an online community where educators and professionals look to find great content that is relevant to them. If there is ever anything that you want to hear about or anything you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you!


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