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Welcome to Kami: Google Classroom Integration, Video Annotation, Dictionary, and Equation Editor.

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching four of our most exciting features yet, major updates that we have been working on for the last six months.

While visiting the US last year, Kami visited classrooms to look at ways in which Kami could be better. Thanks to the great feedback that we collected from some brutally honest K-12 students, as well as the numerous faculty members with whom we have spoken by email and at the many edtech conferences Kami has attended, we were given a clear picture of what Kami needed to become an even better classroom tool. We are grateful for all of the feedback that we receive from our users on a regular basis. Without your feedback and feature requests, we would be just another document viewer (and we all know the world has enough of those).

Say hello to Google Classroom Integration, Video Annotation, Dictionary, and Equation Editor.

Google Classroom Integration

When visiting classrooms, we learned that too many steps were involved when it came to assigning and submitting assignments in Google Classroom. Now you can easily assign an assignment from Google Classroom and submit it back to Google Classroom from Kami. If you are a teacher, you can also create new assignments and assign them in Kami.

Video Annotation

It’s no secret that filling out answers correctly doesn’t equate to a students’ understanding of a given topic. This is one of many reasons we decided to grow our commenting features by adding video annotation. Video annotation works similar to our other comment tools, but instead of typing, click to make a video of up to five minutes using your webcam. With video annotation, students and teachers alike can demonstrate their understanding of a question or topic beyond what a written answer can do.


The dictionary tool has been one of our most popular requests. The largest usage of this tool, thus far, has been from ELA and Special Education/Assistive technology. For ELA, it gives the younger age group the ability to understand their work better, as they can click words and understand them easily. Students with special abilities can use it very much in the same way and at their own pace. To use this tool, simply click a word on any digitally created document to view its definition and pronunciation, as well as its synonyms. This tool is still being fine tuned before release.

Equation Editor

Previously, Kami had no way of displaying mathematical equations. With the increasing amount of students and teachers across all subjects using Kami, one thing that we were definitely missing was a way to view and edit equations. Over time, we have had this request from both math and science teachers. With Kamis new Equation Editor, you can write mathematical equations in a more readable display. It also comes with a symbol palette for those trickier equations. The Equation Editor is still being fine tuned for its release.

Are you ready to dive into the new school year? While the seasons are changing, and teachers and students across the United States are heading back to school, the distinct feeling is in the air that it is time to buckle down for another year of hard but rewarding work. So why not get started the right way with Kami? To kick off this school year, Kami is offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the Kami Teacher Plan.

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