Ways to be a Proactive Advocate of EdTech

When used appropriately, technology can greatly assist in preparing students for their life beyond K-12 education. Despite the claims that investing in education technology is expensive or the fact that there is a growing frequency of problems regarding the social media use of young students, education technology truly creates an impact on the lives of students every day if properly used.

If you are a teacher in a school where education technology is seen in a bad light, there are some things that you can do to be a proactive advocate of EdTech. We have listed a few ways through which you can be a proactive advocate of EdTech below.

Create a Stimulating and Exciting Learning Atmosphere in Class  

This could be accomplished through your lessons or the activities that your students do. Your goal is to hear your students say, “Sorry, I need to hurry for my next computer class. We have exciting things to do today!”

Make the Computer Lab More Inviting

Put up pictures of the kids’ projects. Replace the posters that tell students what NOT to do with posters of what they can do.

Engage Students to do Activities

Rather than simply standing in front of them while they listen, make them interact with you. Once completed, put those activities on the display board for passersby to notice.

Create a Team of Digital Leaders

These are students who can assist teachers and other students when it comes to matters relating to EdTech. When you give your students the ability to stand out and be noticed as a leader, the wider school community will take notice.

Set the Bar High

Many teachers say that students tend to excel or fail based on their teacher’s expectations. EdTech students should be more than average students, if not exemplary.

Get the Parents Engaged

You can conduct free classes for parents regarding various EdTech-related topics, such as how to keep children safe online. You can even teach them how to use social media appropriately, study some lessons on web design and blogging, and many others.

Get the Principal Updated

Of course, in the end, it will be the principal’s decision whether to pursue the adoption of EdTech. So why not submit a report to the principal on how you are conducting your classes? This way, he or she would know how the students are responding and what has been going on in your classes.

Create a Newsletter

If the school has its publication, you can also contribute some articles and write what the students are learning in their EdTech classes.

Start a Blog for Parents

It’s another way of updating them about how the kids are going. Students may also write for the blog. They can share, to the readers, how they are doing during EdTech classes, what they have learned so far, how fun the classes are, and many more.

These are just a few of the things that you can do. In the end, remember that, by being a proactive advocate of EdTech, you have a bigger chance of convincing the school principal to look at the bigger picture and see why education technology should be given priority in the school’s education.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.