Want to Learn to Code from your Phone?

Want to Learn to Code from your Phone? Meet Pocket Programming. Everyone in the educational system can benefit from learning a little bit of programming. Aside from teachers who are instructors of programming, those who are interested in teaching through more modern means can also benefit from such an app. Students who are also interested in computer science can find it helpful, as well as those who want to be able to create their own websites, make their own games, or even create better projects. Pocket Programming will also ease the communication between programming teachers and students, ensuring that all basic knowledge has been learned beforehand.

New Learners

Pocket Programming is designed for amateurs, which is why it is the perfect app for teachers to recommend to their students. It can serve as a daily refresher course for students as well as help them create the habit of practicing programming as often as possible. It uses a user-friendly interface so that anyone can learn using the app without needing any prior knowledge because it includes video tutorials that will supplement the basic knowledge of programming.

Quiz-style Learning

Instead of simply putting together things that a person must know to learn to program, Pocket Programming teaches using a more interactive approach. This approach uses the quiz-style app to ask the important questions. This app helps students learn more by finding out what it is they still lack in knowledge. When a student is unable to answer a specific question, the app can teach him or her more about that topic. It helps the student review the mistake that has been made so that he or she learns and retains more in less time.

Habit Forming Ability

Effective usage of the app requires that you answer the quizzes every day. This makes students abler to create habits when it comes to programming. When a student gets used to thinking about a programming language once a day, it becomes easier to put the programming language together inside his or her brain. This will also help teachers who are trying to convince their students to practice more. Since programming is better learned through experience than plain memorization, this app offers a fun way to help instill lessons into students.

Future Enhancements

Currently, Pocket Programming is focusing on Ruby and Ruby on Rails programming languages. Its developers are planning to add more languages to help people learn others. Future enhancements include creating other styles to help teach other languages in ways that will prove more effective. The currently exclusively Android app will also have an iOS version soon enough to cater to more and more learners, especially students, all over the world.

Pocket Programming is an app that is directed towards beginners who are interested in learning to program. It is a great tool to have in the classroom because it creates a connection between the teacher and the students. It also helps the students remember that programming should be practiced. All in all, the app will help make learning much easier and convenient for anyone with a phone.

Maria Dublin
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