Using of Social Media to your Advantage in the Classroom

Are you a teacher who faces the same situation in class every day where you catch your student sneakily checking her Facebook feed under her desk? This is why many educators are averse to the idea of incorporating the use of social media in the classroom. For most of us, social media will only lead to distraction.

But just like in any situation, anything is possible. A lot have taken the risk and turned out to be successful. Here are some tips where you can combine your student’s craze for social media and their need to learn.

Maintain a Facebook group for the class

Facebook is one of the abundant sources of information today, even though its reliability is still yet to be proven. Make the information that they get more useful by creating a group wherein announcements, pictures, videos, and updates related to the subject can be posted. The group is also a good venue for discussion. They can post questions, and everybody is free to respond. This is a great way to make them learn from each other through sharing insights about a topic.

Encourage students to write their own blog

Students are sick and tired of the usual papers that they submit in class. Add to this the fact that it is only you who gets to appreciate the great ideas that they put on paper, if there are any. Sharpening their writing skills is a must. So, how do you compromise? The answer is blogging.

Maintaining blogs will help them improve their writing and share their ideas with other people. The topics that they can blog about are limitless. Ask them to blog about the topics discussed in class, educational trips, or reviews on the books or movies that they recently encountered. Encourage them to make their site livelier by including pictures and videos.

Mold future directors with YouTube

There are a lot of online lectures that can be found on YouTube that can serve as an alternative to the usual classroom lecture. But isn’t it much more fun to do the video yourself instead of watching other people? Assign your students a particular topic and give them proper guidelines on how they want to tackle it in YouTube. Knowing that their videos will be seen by a lot of people will make them step up and pump up their creative juices to create the best video possible.

Make your lesson a trending topic with Twitter

The power of hashtags in Twitter is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Students can stay updated on a certain topic or event happening around the world. They can also learn from the most influential experts in a subject matter by following their Twitter feeds. Encourage them to tweet about their insights or learnings about your discussions by using a particular hashtag.

Social media can be an inspiration instead of a distraction

Whether we like it or not, social media plays a big role in shaping the students’ minds. It is best to learn to live with it, not fight it. We just need to learn to incorporate it into the classroom and set proper guidelines to keep the students motivated to learn every day.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.