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Using Kami for Remote Learning: Helping Coronavirus-Affected Schools

Are you affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)-prompted Hong Kong-wide school shutdown? Kami can help relaunch your classroom online, free of charge.

受COVID-19的影響, 全香港學校關閉嗎? Kami可以立即-免費-幫助您在線重新啟動教室!

We’ve heard that recently schools have been closed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, and that educators are suddenly trying to find e-learning solutions so they can continue to operate remotely. Down here in New Zealand, we realized right away that with Kami you will be able to continue your normal classroom environment and routine—completely online!


Kami entirely eliminates the need for paper in the classroom, as well as assignments, book reports, team projects, website research, homework, surveys, application forms or tests. Load any document type at all, and you can immediately type, write or draw on it with a range of tools. Share your document and embed images, comments, audio or video clips to instruct, coach, give feedback and encourage your students just like you were right there in the room! 


We have been offering our complete Digital Classroom solution free, school-wide for all schools affected by the closure until June 30th 2020. 


How to claim your free Kami school-wide license: 如何索取免費的全校許可:

Email us at support@kamiapp.com with more information about your school’s needs, and we’ll deploy the school-wide license as soon as possible.


Each school license will be valid for 70 days but will be extended for as long as schools have shut down.



How does Kami work with Google Classroom? Kami如何與Google課堂配合使用:

Caption: Video of Kami and Google Classroom in Chinese. Kami和Google教室中文視頻。


Create: Teachers can create a Kami Assignment in Google Classroom, add instructions and attach a file using Google Drive or a local file.


Annotate: Students have the option to open and complete the assignment with Kami, where they can annotate and collaborate using Kami tools, like Video Comment, Rich Text Editor and more. 


Collaborate: Kami enables students to collaborate on any document in real-time between other users. Here’s a guide on how to set up group collaboration with Google Classroom.


Turn In: Once completed, students can click the ‘Turn In’ button in Kami to submit their assignment back to the teacher. 


Grade: With Kami’s grading feature, teachers can use Kami tools to markup, grade and return the assignment to their students—all within Google Classroom. 


For a thorough guide about this integration, go to this Help Centre article here.


What support does Kami provide for the Chinese language? Kami對中文提供什麼支持?

Although the Kami app is in English-only, all input fields within Kami supports all languages, including Chinese (simplified and traditional).


We do not typically provide Chinese-based technical support, but since a few of our team members can speak Chinese, we would be happy to offer Chinese technical support during this period. To accommodate all students, we’re immediately working on refreshing our video tutorials by closed captioning Chinese translations in our original content. New videos will be published on our YouTube channel within the next few days.


Caption: Kami training videos with Chinese subtitles. 帶有中文字幕的Kami培訓視頻.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the educators who have reached out to implement a remote classroom environment for their entire school. We are humbled by your kind messages and we are very grateful to be able to help our community during this challenging time.

We hope that you can also support other affected schools in Hong Kong by relaying our free license offer to your friends, family, and professional networks. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for assistance at support@kamiapp.com, we are happy to help from our corner of the world in any way we can!



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