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University of Michigan Student Commends Kami for its Reliability

“I was looking in the Chrome store for a pdf reader, tried out the top three, and Kami was the most consistent.”
– Steven Godbold, Student, University of Michigan

Challenge: PDF Reader that allows annotations

Solution: Kami Benefits: Reliability, simplicity, accessibility, and performance consistency

User Background

Steven Godbold is an undergraduate student of Computer Science at the University of Michigan (U of M), USA. The U of M offers a very competent and innovative Computer Science (CS) program. Its CS program provides rigorous training for the students and boasts a faculty that is experienced in research.

As part of the program, CS students are honed to master the ins and outs of computer software and hardware, including the theoretical aspect behind them. The program fosters an interdisciplinary and practical approach to learning. In fact, artificial intelligence, architecture, electronic commerce, and entrepreneurship are among the courses that CS students can take. U of M prepares its students with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they may excel in the careers, industries, or further education they may pursue after they graduate.

Technical Challenge

As part of the CS curriculum at the U of M, Godbold and his peers use textbooks as reference materials. Because of the computer revolution, textbooks and other materials in universities are now in electronic format. PDF is one of the most common and efficient file formats, particularly for textbooks. Electronic formats of documents allowed easier accessibility and eradicated the mobility limitation of printed versions. However, the electronic format did not come without any limitations of its own. Data storage and an efficient access tool are necessary aspects of maximizing electronic formats. These aspects are the frequent sources of issues and problems.

As a CS undergraduate student, Godbold needed a PDF reader for his electronic textbooks, which are in PDF format. He explains that he was very cautious in selecting an application to use since he cannot afford to lose any notes. In selecting, he considered the simplicity and reliability of the application.

The Solution

Godbold utilized the Chrome store to look for a PDF reader application he could use. He identified the top three applications and tried each of them. Godbold’s little experiment led him to conclude that, among the top three applications, Kami was the most consistent. He cites that Kami meets the simplicity, accessibility, and reliability requirements he set in his search for a quality PDF reader. Through Kami’s efficient data storage feature, Godbold can access his electronic textbooks every day, whenever he needs to. He also does not have to worry about losing any of his prized educational materials.

Mostly, Godbold uses the PDF viewer and annotation features of Kami. Through these features, Godbold can highlight texts and make quick notes on his electronic textbooks with ease and control. He likewise appreciates the Google Drive integration, which is a newly-added feature of Kami. To improve its features, Kami is continually updated, ensuring that it appropriately addresses the needs and convenience of its users.


Godbold is impressed with the efficacy of Kami and says that he would recommend it to his peers. His experience with using Kami proves that in file reader tools, simplicity is still the best way to go. Users like Godbold are not enticed by complex user interfaces and features that other applications offer. What users appreciate is performance consistency, in which Kami is tried and tested. It is a fact that electronic files could be forever lost if not handled efficiently. Users need a reliable tool that could handle and anticipate possible issues in storing and accessing electronic files. Kami is committed to ensuring the accessibility of files and at the same maintaining the reliability of its file management system.

Kami works all the time, not just most of the time. Godbold attests to this fact for he tried two other top PDF readers in the Chrome store, but in the end, he decided that Kami was the best choice.

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