Top EdTech Influencers to Follow on Twitter

The outlook for the growth of the education technology industry has been very positive. In 2014, the funding for this industry drastically increased to 55 percent, and it still continues to grow today. This increase has been brought about by the increase in the number of schools that started using EdTech in their classes. At the forefront of this industry are several key persons who have influenced their colleagues to create innovations in education technology. Here is a list of our top EdTech influencers and why you should follow them on Twitter.

1. Lucy Gray
Lucy Gray has a great passion for teaching, and she has been in the academe for over 20 years. This award-winning educator has been given distinction by Apple. She serves as a consultant. She shares her knowledge on education and technology through her Twitter account: @elemenous.

2. Vicki Davis
A lot of EdTech enthusiasts know Vicki Davis as the Cool Cat Teacher. She has authored books, organized collaborative projects globally, and is very active in social media, sharing her wisdom on EdTech and effective classroom methods. Follow her at @coolcatteacher.

3. Richard Byrne
Richard Byrne has made it his life mission to assist people in coming up with innovations in the classroom setting. He has a site where he talks about accessible technology that can be utilized by educators anywhere in the world. His Twitter account contains information about nifty applications that can be used by teachers. Stay updated on the newest trends in EdTech with @rmbyrne.

4. Jerry Blumengarten
Jerry Blumengarten has more than 30 years of experience in the academe. He then decided to focus on building his website www.cybraryman.com, where he aims to create a library of the internet and where he has classified over 20,000 links at present. It is one of the most detailed web references in the EdTech industry. Be on the watch for new posts on his website through his Twitter feed: @cybraryman1.

5. Jeff Dunn
Hailing from Harvard University, Jeff Dunn is an entrepreneur who has been leading the EdTech industry. He started Edudemic, a compilation of tools, advice, and references for educators and students. This was the result of Mr. Dunn’s great love for teaching incorporated with technology. The website has a wide reach of one million hits monthly. It informs educators and students of topnotch technology available. To be informed of the latest developments in EdTech, follow the Twitter account @Edudemic

6. Adam Bellow
He is the role model for past teachers who have been causing ripples of changes on the methods on how schools are being managed. Adam Bellow started EduTeacher, a web resource listing a sea of tools with detailed instructions on how they can be carried out in the classroom. His Twitter page @adambellow is full of suggestions for instruments that can help enrich classes.

7. Tom Whitby
Tom Whitby served different school districts in a span of 40 years. He is commonly present in many nationwide education gatherings as a speaker. He started the popular #EdChat in Twitter. If you want to read his opinions, follow his Twitter feed: @tomwhitby.

8. Karen Cator
Karen Cator served as Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the Department of Education. During her term, the plan for National Education Technology was created in 2010. She is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Promise and has been striving to enhance American education with the use of technology. To get the latest about her work in Digital Promise and the EdTech industry, follow her at @kcator.

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