Top 5 User-friendly Tools to Edit Videos

With the power of present technology, you can now improve your videos and make them even more interesting and creative. One easy way is through video editing. Before, you had to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on manual video editing tools that would often eat up your patience. But now, convenient video editing is made available by different video editing tools.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can surely make the most out of your video editing skills. To help you pick the best ones, here are some convenient and user-friendly video editing tools that work.

Animoto: Animoto is one of the most popular video editing tools when it comes to creating short videos. This tool is very user-friendly and is most preferred in marketing. First, you simply have to put in the photos or videos you want from the camera roll. Next, you have to choose from various editing styles to make your video look livelier and more creative. Afterwards, you can now choose a soundtrack from the selection that Animoto provides or upload songs from your computer. You may also create titles and captions for each photo or video clip. After you are done with your video, Animoto will show you a preview of it, and when you are satisfied, you can save the video and even share it on email, Facebook or Twitter.

Camtasia: Camtasia, like Animoto, is also perfect for creating marketing materials. Using this tool, you can make a narration through slide shows of still photos. You can also capture on-screen actions and use them to make professional yet interesting videos. Like other video editing tools, it allows you to upload your music, photos, and video clips. This video editing tool is very convenient to use, and it helps you become more creative without consuming too much of your time.

Magisto: Magisto is another amazing video editing tool. In minutes, you can create a video, using photos and videos, music, and different effects. You just have to add your photos or videos, pick an editing style, choose the soundtrack from the library or your device, polish your entire video, and save and share it. This tool is great for newbies because Magisto will automatically edit your photos and videos and select the transitions and filters that best fit your selected theme.

Muvee Reveal X: Muvee Reveal X is very simple and easy to learn. You can easily make appealing and creative videos in a snap by adding videos and pictures, selecting a style, adding it, and then viewing your video. You can also choose from various transitions and special effects that can help you make a clean and organized video. Muvee Reveal X is not that stylish, but if you want a trouble-free video editing tool, then this is the one for you.

Jing Project: Like Camtasia, you can also capture videos or photos from your screen using Jing project. Though it functions more like a recording program, it can also be used as a video editing tool. It also allows you to share your videos instantly on messaging apps and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unlike Camtasia, Jing Project is completely free, so most business owners opt for this tool to improve their marketing strategies.

Maria Dublin
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