Top 5 Apps that Revolutionise Parent Teacher Communication

Many parents have the same dilemma when it comes to their children’s status in school: Because of their busy schedules, it is difficult to keep track of their children’s academic progress and involvement. Nonetheless, because of the emergence of new technologies, parents are now able to keep an eye on all school events and their children’s academic involvement.


Buzzmob is a great app not only for parents but also for students, teachers, and administrators. It connects all of them through a location-based platform. The purpose of this app is to keep parents updated on school activities and programs as well as the progress of each student. This app also helps save schools money on paper since they no longer have to post hard-copy memos in school or send letters; all of the information that parents need can be distributed using the app.


Remind is another great app to help teachers and parents connect with each other more quickly. Using this app, teachers can send parents text messages about school activities and students’ assignments, projects, and deadlines. The text messages are automatically organized to remind parents of deadlines, meetings, and events. Parents can send messages to teachers whenever they need to affirm something, and they can even do it on a daily basis. This app can certainly make parents feel at ease whenever they start doubting their children.

Class Messenger

Class Messenger, like Remind, also allows parents and teachers to communicate with each other to discuss the students’ current status in school. For busy parents who don’t have time to keep track of their children’s progress, Class Messenger is an excellent app. With this app, parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress in school by joining a class and conversing with the teachers. Teachers can also send photos, videos, and even test results to parents so they know their children’s improvement.


Edmodo is a very functional app for parents who want to stay updated on the happenings in school as well as their children’s progress in class. With this app, teachers can send students’ progress and classroom information to students. They can even generate educational games for students to be shared with parents as well. There are also charts that illustrate the goals that students have met and have not met in a certain period.

Learning Potential

Learning potential aims to help parents become engaged with their children’s academic progress and involvements. Because most parents are busy with work, they are not able to keep an eye on how their children are doing in school. Luckily, this customizable app was made to provide parents with tips on how they can get involved with their children’s education. Students become more motivated and inspired to learn if their parents involve themselves in school updates and activities.

Maria Dublin
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