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Tips on Building Your Personal Brand

A brand is anything that can distinguish one thing from another. It can be a logo, a name, a symbol, a sound, taste, emotion, and a whole lot more. Creating your personal brand opens you up to new possibilities, like new jobs, new professional contacts, and new clients. You can also get the recognition that you have been working for in your respective industry.

In short, your personal brand is everything you say without saying anything, so it’s important that you build the most positive, effective, professional, and distinguishable brand. Here are some ways that you can do just that.

Determine your objective

Before anything else, you need to know why you even want to build your personal brand. Do you want to leave the corporate world, set up your own business, and be your boss? Do you want your business to reach more customers and grow your sales? Do you want to stand out from the rest and establish yourself as an expert in your field? If you have a clear objective, formulating a plan on how to create your brand will be a lot easier.

Be your authentic self

Sure, you can fake it until you make it, but the fake persona can only last for so long. People like people who are natural and real and comfortable with themselves. You can try to be entirely someone else for a time, but if this is not you, you’re just setting yourself up for failure and problems. An effective brand will only work if it’s authentic. The rest will just follow.

Present a strong image to your public or your audience

How you look, how you dress, the way you speak and communicate—these all factor into your personal brand. Make sure that you look your personal best all the time and that you remain faithful to your brand in every instance. Keep your look and feel consistent for all platforms to make you truly distinguishable and memorable.

Build a strong online presence

Your social media accounts should make you look knowledgeable, positive, and professional. You should have good photos that are high quality and, if possible, taken by a professional.

If you own a website, you need to produce fresh new content regularly that will be shared and talked about by peers and followers. Engage with your audience and build a community by commenting, liking, sharing, and just talking about relevant and current topics.

Remain relevant

Make sure that your knowledge and your skills remain up to date with the latest trends. Don’t stop learning new things and new skills. Build your knowledge and expertise. Don’t let yourself stagnate with just what you know now, because the industry changes far often than you’ll realize. Keep changing and innovating as often as you can, while still keeping the unique brand that you have become known for.

If you need more important know-how on building a unique personal brand, you can read and learn a lot from “Brand Aid” by Larry G. Linne. It’s the only guide you’ll need for building and protecting your brand, with strategies and advice that work.

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