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Tips for Graduates Trying to Land the Dream Job

It’s a jungle out there. Jobs are being snatched up left and right, and here you are, a fresh-faced and wide-eyed new graduate still waiting for an interviewer call. Relax, you’re not the only one who’s dealing with the same problem. Check out these few tips that can help you get that first job.

Create a resume that stands out

Before you even get invited for an interview, recruiters will have to sift through thousands of resumes and pick out the one that catches their attention and piques their curiosity. If that resume is not yours, then yours will just end up in the slush pile.

You don’t want the slush pile because you want to get the job. Make sure that your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Keep it concise with only the most important and relevant information about you. Make sure that it’s just a page long and typed with easy-to-read fonts.

Get help from your campus career center

Not a lot of students are aware that their college career centers can provide them with what they need to make job hunting a whole lot easier. The counselors can give you advice from how to create a cover letter and your resume to interview tips to what to wear to your first job interview.

Your college career center can also include you in its mailing list about jobs available in and around the area. You can also receive invitations to seminars, talks, and job fairs and participate in other events that can help you with your job hunting.

Beef up your online presence

These days, employers and headhunters also perform internet searches on candidates applying for a position in their companies. Make sure that when someone Googles your name, the results aren’t something that can damage your reputation and affect your credibility. Always maintain a professional image whether online or offline. Maybe it’s time to create a more professional-sounding email address and finally stop using that email address you created when you were fourteen.

To further strengthen your reputation, you can also put up a blog and post about projects you’re working on, your achievements and accomplishments, and just about anything that can put you in a positive light.

Be okay with starting at the bottom

While it’s perfectly okay to dream big and make grand plans about your career, the dream doesn’t usually happen right after graduation. When you’re a fresh graduate, the goal is to get a job and get your feet in the door. You will have to be okay to start at the bottom and then slowly work your way to the top by working hard and learning new skills.

Use more than one job resource

Yes, a lot of employers and headhunters reach out to potential candidates through LinkedIn, but there are also other avenues that you can use to find the latest job openings in your area. Your options include the classified ads in the newspaper, company websites, job search websites, employment agencies, personal and professional references, and even alumni and professional groups. Be creative and resourceful. You may be one of the lucky few who strikes gold on the first try!

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