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Interactive mapping exercise🌎

Social studies is an amazing subject. It brings together so many crucial skills that will support students in whatever career path they take.  

But have you ever wondered how you can use Kami in the social studies classroom? Our Kami Hero has got you covered! Instructional Tech Coach Megan shares why she loves the Kami tool and the amazing interactive battle maps her students create with it.

How have you helped others work with Kami?

As an Instructional Technology Coach, I have empowered my educators to use Kami as digital tool to edit documents, create visual aids, and to support student growth. My favorite activity so far has been the incorporation of Kami in social studies. Students are provided with a PDF of a map, in this case, of ancient civilization Mesopotamia, and then using different tools, students complete the map activity – tracing rivers with specific colors, label rivers, cities, mountain ranges, create their own compass, etc. They are then able to share this document with their teachers via Google Classroom and/or save it to their drive and create digital interactive notebook.


What subject(s) do you teach?

All. 😎


What are your favorite Kami tools?

  • Shape tool – using lines to create coordinated plans and boxes to emphasize reading
  • Text to Speech – this tool allows all learners to participate! Quick labeling features, too.
  • Comment tools – Text, audio, video or screen capture. These allow collaboration for all!


If you had any superpowers, what would it be and why?

If I had any superpower it would be teleportation! I just moved from Illinois to Arizona, so having the ability to see my family at the snap of my fingers would be amazing but also because my job needs me to be in dozens of places all at once. The ability to travel to all teachers (without having to schedule a time to drive from one location to the next) would be a lifesaver! I wish that each day I could get to all of the teachers that ask for my help!


Show us how you use Kami 💡

Example 1: Labeling Maps

For a 6th-grade social studies class, I instructed the students to use Kami to color, trace and label the map to differentiate rivers and seas for our Ancient Civilizations class. This student labeled the fertile crescent and added a mini key. They also used the Shape tool to highlight in the initial reading. Also, I can see they organized their highlights into different colors to keep different thoughts together.


Source: Megan Barnash


Example 2: Interactive Battle Maps

I recently did an activity with students that I feel showcases more student engagement and exploration than the Mesopotamia Map. Although I love the map for the digital component, there isn’t much variance considering it was a Geography lesson. So, I’d love to share with you an 8th-grade student’s work of Interactive Battle maps! For this task, students get to choose a battle from World War II and then create a video to show the battle. Watch the video below to see how a student used Kami to complete this task:



Inspired? Learn more about what Kami has to offer your classroom today!


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