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Things You Should Consider in Finding the Perfect Workspace

Do you find it easier to concentrate when there’s no one else in the room, or do you feel more energized and inspired by the hustle and bustle of people hard at work? If your answer is the latter, then a shared workspace is perfect for you. When you’re a freelancer, it’s sometimes hard to get some peace and quiet at home. Sometimes, your home is just not a suitable workplace; it’s either too cramped or doesn’t have the things you need to work efficiently.

With a shared workspace, you get to use office equipment and work at an actual office without worrying about anything else. You also have the chance to share and bounce off ideas with other people and get instant feedback. It’s also a nice way to interact with people when work starts to get stressful or boring. If you’re shopping for a shared workspace, here are some things that you need to consider before deciding on one.

Pick the Best Location

It should be convenient for you and your clients. You should be able to commute or drive to your workspace with no problem, and it should not take you hours to get there, either. You should also consider the safety of the neighborhood. Check if it’s a safe place after office hours and whether there is round-the-clock security. There must be nearby stores and restaurants where you can have a good meal as well.

It Should Hold Value for Your Money

Shared workspaces with top-of-the-line facilities situated in prime locations will cost more than smaller ones located on the outskirts of the city. If you’re looking for a nicer and more upscale work environment, prepare to cough up more for your monthly rental.

Check that your shared workspace has a lot of space and doesn’t feel or look cramped, even on busy days. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a kitchen pantry, and a landline phone, fax, and printer should be readily available and included in the monthly rental charge. Check also if there are other perks that you can enjoy, like free use of a conference room or event hall, or free admission to events and workshops.

You Should Like the Whole Vibe of the Place

Before you decide on a shared workspace, get a feel for the place first. Drop by on a regular workday and see what the work environment is like. Is it a quiet, mobile-phones-on-silent, headphones-on kind of space, or is it a bustling place with soft music, muted conversations, and an unlimited coffee supply? Some shared workspaces allow you to do a trial so you can experience what it’s like to work at their space, so don’t hesitate to ask for one.

Whether you like quiet or busy, don’t let what you’re comfortable with simply box you inside your comfort zone. Work quietly and independently, but don’t forget to say hello to the guy at the next table. Who knows? He may be someone who you’ll be collaborating with in the future.

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