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The Screen Capture Tool

Screen sharing – it’s an awesome invention, right? You can quickly and easily show someone exactly what you are doing in an app without having them physically appear behind your shoulder. 

Except there is one big downside, screen sharing needs to be done in real-time. What about all those times where someone needs to see how to perform an on-screen action when you are not there? 

Enter Kami’s Screen Capture tool!


What is the Screen Capture Tool?


The Screen Capture tool allows you to create a short video of your screen and link it to your file as a Kami annotation. 


Kami screen capture tool


By simply clicking the tool you can perform an action on any tab you have open (e.g. in Kami you may want to draw an answer) and Kami will record and store it as a comment within the file you are working on.

Screen Capture can also record sound so you can talk through your action as you are doing it for added clarity!


How to use the Screen Capture Tool


Using the screen capture tool is super easy.  The tool itself is found in the toolbar under the ‘Comment’ section. 


Screen capture tool in toolbar


When you first click on the tool you will be asked to install the Kami Screen Capture extension from the Chrome store. You will be provided with a link that takes you straight to the right place on the Chrome store so it won’t take you long!


Once the extension has been installed:

  1.  Click on the area of your document you would like the screen capture annotation to be linked to. 
  2. If you have multiple screens or tabs open a dialogue window will ask you to choose which you want to share. 
  3. Select your screen.
  4. Crack on and record the action that you want to. 
  5. When you have finished, press the blue ‘done button’ and the recording will finish.


Need help using Kami? Go to our Help Center to get the latest tips and advice from our team.

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