How to Spend Your Last Weekend Before School Starts

Vacation is almost over and going back to school is the reality you must now face. As we say goodbye to the lazy days of summer, it is time to turn your attention to the new school year ahead of you. So instead of sitting around while waiting for the first day of school to kick off, why not spend your last weekend productively?

There are things that teachers cannot control especially during the first day of school. There are also things you can do and prepare beforehand to set the stage for success. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you become. Preparations also help you avoid unforeseen events that may taint your reputation and your students’ first impression of you.

What to do while waiting

Instead of frustrating yourself about the things you cannot do, start preparing the activities and teaching methods you can execute to give the positive class vibes on the first day of school. You can also use the last strand of the vacation no to go to the beach, but to relax, rest, and get ready at home. Make the harsh transition a lot smoother with these tips for starting the school year off on the right foot.

It’s planning, not pedagogy

The secret to a successful first day of school is right planning and preparation. When it comes to planning a head, paying attention to the details is a must. So make a checklist of what you need to prepare –back-to-school activities, online resources, teaching techniques, bulletin board ideas and the like. Here are the other ways to spend your weekend before the first day of school.

Be tidy and ready

Your readiness and competency will immediately stand out to students. Visit your classroom one day before the school official opens. Use the time to organize classroom supplies and label books on the shelves! Put everything in place and make sure that an orderly classroom will welcome students.

Prepare classroom rules and regulations

Be sure to also have ready your procedures and hard rules. Type them on a piece of paper and hare them with your students at the very start of the day. This will avoid that preventable and awkward moment with students. Practice how to be firm while maintaining a friendly aura.

Over preparation is the secret

Instead of preparing only one copy of your classroom rules, make extra copies, just in case. Nothing could be more horrible than being one or two copies short. Shop for a surplus of pens, papers, and cards.

Rehearse as if the classroom is your stage

This is imperative especially for new teachers. Prepare your materials and practice how you will make use of them. Are you going to use a projector? Then know how to manipulate one. If you are not convinced with the approach you have been using for years, do the shift and practice it at home.

Never use the classroom as your place of workshop

Beyond these outward preparations, it is most important to use your remaining vacation days to evaluate your teaching strategies and classroom culture. Meditate on your role as a teacher, mentor, and carrier of learning. Every child deserves the best of you, so plan and prepare ahead!

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.