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The New Header and Bates Tool by Kami

Starting next month, Kami will be introducing the Header and Bates Tool to work users. The new tool will enable the addition of Bates numbers on documents. With the increasing number of lawyers, as well as people in the medical and business fields signing up to Kami, the demand for a PDF tool that can edit the headers with Bates and reflow the page numbers have been recognised, and we are excited to roll-out the new tool to help our professional users with their workflow.

What is Bates?
Bates numbering (also known as Bates stamping, Bates branding, Bates coding, or Bates labelling) is a method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval; nearly all law firms around the world are using Bates numbering. The use of manual Bates stamps has become incredibly outdated as companies go paperless and opt to use documents such as PDF instead of printing pages and pages of documents that are a strain on money, time, and space.

Time to Ditch Adobe
It’s time to move from the outdated Adobe Acrobat and make the most of Kami by updating to a Work account. Not only will you get the use of all the tools available such as highlight, underline, and strikethrough; you will also have the advanced capability to draw shapes, insert images, sign documents, combine documents using the Split and Merge tool, OCR Tool —and now the Header and Bates Tool.

How is the Header and Bates Tool used?
The Header and Bates Tool will be an add-on to the main Kami app, which is also available as a separate Chrome App that can be downloaded on the Chrome Web Store. More information about the new tool and how it works will be released on this blog before its launch.

At Kami, we work hard to add tools that we know our users will find helpful, and, without the input of our users, Bates might not have happened. We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone, who had requested Bates. We will continue to work on developing new tools as the need grows.

If you are interested in being one of the first Kami users to try the Header and Bates Tool, you may contact owen@kamihq.com.

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