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The Kami Team’s Grand Texan adventure – success at TCEA

The Kami Team have set down their suitcases from yet another edtech conference extravaganza. This time the setting was the wintery Austin, Texas and the fabulous TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Expo. 

The team enjoyed three jam-packed days of workshops, demos, and conversations with educators across the school spectrum.

So how did we get on?

Kami Team highlights

We are always impressed at the passion of educators we meet at conferences, but TCEA was special in the sheer variety of roles and responsibilities represented. We had brilliant conversations with everyone, from librarians and classroom teachers to tech directors and IT staff. It was fantastic to get such a broad understanding of function demands across the education sector, and of course, introduce so many new faces to the potential of Kami in their schools.

Kami team ready for demos at TCEA
As always we were repping the lilac!

Texas is also the home of many Kami Heroes and we were super lucky to have so many of them drop by to say hi and meet the team. You guys are awesome!

Special mention also has to go to the food on offer in the beautiful city of Austin. Whether it was Tex Mex, BBQ or simply some good old fashioned fried chicken – we enjoyed every single meal immensely and we definitely returned to NZ a little heavier than we left!


A workshop spectacle

Workshops at this conference were hosted by a mix of Kami team superstars and our trusty heroes. 

Zach presenting at TCEA
Zach in action.


Kami 101: Google Classroom and You

Our first presenter was our wonderful CS representative Zach. He took us through all the intuitive ways Google Classroom users can utilize Kami in the classroom. 


Kami for homework solutions: Digitize your grading

Esteemed Kami Hero and certified dyslexia specialist Sharon McMichael introduced our audience to digital grading using Kami’s array of tools. 

Sharon presenting at TCEA
Sharon getting ready for her presentation.
Corey presenting at TCEA
Corey nailing his Kami demo.











How Kami would have made me a better student

Finally, our beloved videographer and expert Kami user Corey focused discussion on the student-centric features of the Kami app. He explained how Kami’s features help students of all abilities better manage their time and express their thoughts and insights. 


The Kami team is up and back in action again very soon. Come join us in California for Spring CUE.

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