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The Kami Team took on FETC

The Kami Team have just arrived back from an action-packed week at FETC. Three days of non-stop edtech, workshops and talking to Kami users –  unsurprisingly we had a ball!

So what did we get up to in the beautiful state of Florida? 



The Kami Team’s highlights

Our 6-person strong Kami team kick-started the conference by taking responsibility for T-shirt distribution. The official FETC T-shirt, sponsored by Kami, and designed by our own talented designers (humble brag), was such a success that we ran out on the 2nd day!


FETC tshirts


Special shout out to our two tireless Kami Heroes:  Eve and Estee. Both Instructional Technology Specialists at Beaufort County School District, Eve and Estee are a dynamic duo that represent exactly what it means to be a Kami Hero. They’re one of a kind – as well as being passionate educators and unflappable brand ambassadors. Hint: they are in the dark purple.

Kami heroes at FETC


And while we are on the subject of Kami Heroes, we should probably congratulate Ben Sondgeroth who joined us for his fifth stint in the Kami booth since 2017 –  he must enjoy it. The wonderful Marcus Stein also made a return appearance on the speaker’s podium and characteristically wowed his audience.

Ben Sondgeroth at FETC with Kami
Ben in action at FETC.


Marcus Stein at FETC with Kami.
@mrsteinonline repping the Kami speakers podium.


As always it was brilliant to see new and familiar faces and hear everyone’s inspirational experiences and stories. We are so lucky to spend time with so many passionate education professionals.


Kami at work(shop)

Kami Heroes were the stars of the Kami booth this year. They led the charge from the front with 4 thought-provoking workshop topics. Here’s a quick insight into their presentations:


“15 Dynamic Ways to Utilize Kami in the Google Classroom” / Ben Sondgeroth Kami Superhero Ben took us through the tools and features most useful for Kami users with Google Classroom. He also did a great job of explaining how to set up  Kami and Classroom integration. 

“Seven Kami Hacks to Unlock your Paperless Superpowers in the Classroom” / Estee Williams Estee chose to focus her workshop on features that may often get overlooked in Kami… but are SUPER useful, creative, fun and/or engaging.

Estee Williams at FETC with Kami.
Estee nailing her workshop.

“Kami in the ELA Classroom” / Marcus Stein Now that textbooks are digital and assessments are web-based, it’s important that students have ample practice with paperless reading and writing strategies. In Marcus’s session, we learnt how to enhance tried and true reading and writing strategies with the power of Kami.

Eve Heaton at FETC with Kami.
Eve preparing for her presentation.

“Baby Steps to Paperless with Kami” / Eve Heaton Eve delved into the many quick and easy ways for teachers to make a significant reduction in the number of copies they make… with little effort.


The Kami team is up and back in action again very soon. Come join us in Texas for TCEA!

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