The Growth of Chromebooks in Schools

Google recently announced that 30,000 new Chromebooks are being activated for school purposes every day.  Because of the convenience they bring to teachers and students, the growth of Chromebook use in schools continues to increase.

Chromebooks in American Schools

Chromebooks are currently showing a strong growth in the education market, especially in America. The vast majority of Chromebooks are sold in the US for use in schools and universities. When first launched in 2011, Chromebooks did not become immediately popular in US schools. However, when Chromebook teamed with Samsung, schools began to accept Chromebook as a new platform for modern education.

Google’s Chromebooks continued to gain popularity in American schools, and by 2014, 75% of Chromebook’s total sales were accounted to schools in the US. Presently, sales of Chromebooks have overtaken the sales of Apple iPads to US schools, thus increasing the growth and status of this simple yet useful device.

Chromebooks in Asian Schools

Because of its cost-efficiency and expediency, Google’s Chromebook has also become popular in schools in Asia. In 2013, Google Chromebooks made their debut in Malaysia and Singapore with the launch of three Chromebook models. To suffice the needs of their students for convenient education and to help them with online collaboration, the Malaysian government arranged for Chromebooks to be provided for primary and secondary school students at 10,000 public schools. This action was in line with their advocacy of transforming and modernizing the education system. Because Google’s Chromebooks were a cost-effective option for them, they were able to take a step forward to reach their educational goals.

In late 2013, Google Chromebooks were introduced in India and became available in schools throughout the country. Chromebooks have also gained popularity in the Philippines, since tablet education programs are implemented in various schools and universities. In fact, Chromebooks are being purchased in the Philippines through a reseller company with 150 partner schools. In South Korea, Chromebooks have been popular with students since 2011, when Samsung Chromebook announced its debut to the country. Other Asian countries also use Chromebooks in schools like Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Chromebooks in European Schools

European students have also been inclined to use Google Chromebooks. Because Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops, they easily became a hot commodity in Europe. In 2012, thousands of students in Europe were using Chromebooks for educational purposes. Essentially, these web-happy students loved their Chromebooks because they were user-friendly and cost-efficient. Also, they have a complete maintenance package, with five years of updates from Google. With their built-in keyboards, Chromebooks do not need additional accessories that are mostly expensive.

Indeed, Chromebooks have captured the heart of European students. However, in 2014, Samsung surprised Europeans by saying that they would no longer sell Chromebooks in Europe. Samsung temporarily ceased laptop sales in the country in the midst of the PC industry chaos. Nonetheless, the demand for Chromebooks in European schools did not diminish since a lot of students, teachers, and even parents had already embraced the device.

Maria Dublin
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