The Fusion of Learning and Technology

The birth of education technology has given rise to many initiatives, with the hope of providing an answer to the challenges faced in education. There is a new belief that is being spread across the academe nowadays, that learning should be prioritized more than the use of technology. This thought is being imbibed by many educators as they realize that utilizing technology alone will not enhance the learning experience of students. However, there is still something amiss with this belief. If we take a closer look at today’s academic situation, it is about figuring out how to make technology and learning work hand in hand to effectively teach the students. This will not happen if we continue to tackle the two entities separately.

Today’s Challenge

Those at the forefront of driving the trend and direction of educational technology must learn to collaborate very closely so that the initiatives that they fuel are in line with each other. They should also ensure that this is passed on all the way down to the bottom of the chain, which is the classroom. When educators learn about innovations in education technology, most of them have trouble figuring out how to incorporate these into their classrooms. In the worst-case scenario, the teacher disregards the useful learning materials and relies on what he or she is used to doing. The great potential of these innovations is not being used to the fullest.

The Contribution of Tech Coaches

If we have the desire to foster an environment that is conducive to learning, we have to prioritize addressing the struggles that modern-day teachers are facing. When schools enlist the help of tech coaches, most of the time, the training moves away from the curriculum that the teachers are supposed to be following, focusing more on the integration of technology. This implies that technology is more important. However, this is not the message that we should be giving to teachers. This is a great contradiction of what they learn in professional development training, which rarely mentions the aspect of technology.

The Real Message We Should Be Sending Out

We should all be living by this mantra: “Learning should be given utmost importance, and technology makes this possible by paving the way to greater access to information, providing an easier means of connecting with other people, and creating innovative ideas.”

In other words, the ideal classroom should not be gauged by the number of iPads that are available or the latest application the students are using. The ineffective teachers will remain as they are no matter what gadget they use in their classrooms. The good teachers will maximize the technology by looking for ways to use it in a creative and effective manner. We should check to see exactly what the kids are getting from utilizing EdTech materials. What the kids should be learning should be essential to their growth and is highly relevant to their lives.


Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.