Teachwise Inspire: A Reliable Online Source for Lesson Plans

Many educators find it hard to prepare for their lessons. So much time and money are involved in searching for supplies and learning content to be used in the classroom, but they end up only with a few. Frontline Technologies is a company that makes online tools available, catered to enhancing K-12 education. It provides services to thousands of school districts and millions of teachers all over the country.

Some of its famous tools include Applitrack, a system used in managing files used for hiring and screening future educators. Seeing the need for a reliable online source for teachers, Teachwise Inspire was born. It was propelled from the success of Teachwise, where learning materials can be purchased or sold by educators online. Teachwise Inspire, on the other hand, is a platform where low-cost reviewed teaching materials can be downloaded. It also includes resources for professional development needed by teachers to keep up with the continuously evolving learning styles of students.

Highly Affordable Teaching Materials Made Available Online

Teachwise Inspire’s subscription service is very competitive and affordable at only $7.99 a month for a basic membership. A 7-day free trial is available for a short duration of time only. Teachers can check out inspire.teachwise.com to avail of the free trial.

For a low fee, Teachwise Inspire gives you unlimited access to lesson plans that can be used for the entire semester; worksheets; an art gallery; and video materials that tackle professional development, such as methods of instruction and structure of the classroom. Substitute teachers can also benefit from Teachwise Inspire whenever they need to prepare lesson plans in a short amount of time.

Just Because It’s Cheap Doesn’t Mean It’s Not of Good Quality

All of the materials found at Teachwise Inspire are of the highest quality, since they have undergone Lesson Planet’s intense evaluation process. Lesson Planet is one of the leading companies that has been performing OER curation, providing technology for search and review, and aligning of learning materials such as lesson plans, videos, and printables to comply with academic standards for over 15 years already.

Some of Lesson Planet’s notable technologies enable teachers to look for resources by classification, such as subject, grade, or academic standard. School Edition allows educators to access a curriculum division virtually. The resources downloaded from Teachwise Inspire all have a seal of approval from Lesson Planet and have been manually scrutinized and evaluated by their team of highly qualified teachers. They make use of a comprehensive guideline that has been drafted based on the latest studies and best practices. The members of Teachwise Inspire also have the necessary skill set to evaluate the sources found in the site by themselves.

Help Is Available to Those Who Need It

Education technology has made it possible to respond to the needs of students and teachers alike. Because of Teachwise Inspire, educators can now direct their time, resources, and energy in doing the thing that they are most passionate about: molding the minds of their students.

Maria Dublin
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