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Less paper, more interactive with Kami 📒

You’ve found the BEST new worksheet for your class! It explains all the principles you want your students to learn and then has them complete some fun activities to cement their knowledge. You print out copies for everyone (in your precious lunch break) and the lesson goes down a storm. But as your students charge out for the school bus, you are left with a mound of crumpled paper sheets. All those valuable resources are now nothing but waste.

The constant cycle of paper waste can be demoralizing and time-intensive – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Our Kami Hero Jennifer Crane, science and health teacher from St. John Vianney School in Buffalo in New York, explains how Kami and Google classroom has helped her to use less paper and make her classroom more interactive



How have you helped others work with Kami?

When I first discovered Kami, I immediately fell in love. There are so many great PDF worksheets that I could use for my classroom. However, I was never able to edit them to suit my needs, and I always had to make multiple copies. I began telling my co-workers about the app. They too also enjoy the ability to eliminate paper waste. I’ve worked one on one with fellow teachers in my school and other schools. I have been able to get them to use less paper and do more interactive computer activities.


With Kami, I am able to use a lot less paper and tailor my worksheets to better fit my students.


My school is 1:1 Chromebooks starting at 3rd grade going up to 8th grade. It is great to see more students learning how to navigate the computer. I also introduced the program to my principle and the tech coordinator. They loved it so much, they bought multiple Teacher licenses. Now, the teachers can assign directly to Google Classroom and their students work autosaves for them as well.

I am also going to do a professional development class that is free for teachers at my local teacher center. This will be a mixed hands-on class along with an online component. I feel that many teachers are lacking the knowledge of many computer tools and would greatly benefit from taking a class on digital PDFs. Many school districts in my area are getting a great deal more Chromebooks and iPads for their students. It can be difficult to find new programs to use on the computer. I feel that this class will give teachers the opportunity to do more with their devices.


What subject(s) do you teach?

I work at a small school just outside of Buffalo, NY. I teach all of the middle school science (6-8th) and the 7th-grade health classes.


What are your favorite Kami tools?

I enjoy the Highlight, Text Box and Drawing tool. I assign assignments and my students can highlight important information, write comments and answers right on the same document. My math teacher also loves the Equation tool. She has been able to eliminate many worksheets and allow students to show their work through Kami app.


If you had other superpowers, what would it be and why?

If I had one superpower it would be to fly. I love to travel, and that would make it so much easier!

Show us how you use Kami ⚡️

When assigning, I usually go through Google Classroom and choose ‘Kami Assignment.’ I like that I can comment through Kami and my students can see and make any changes. The integration with Google Classroom is awesome! With the updated Classroom I can grade much quicker and easier. If I click on the option to “Grade with Kami” I can see my student’s work directly from Kami, and comment through Kami! I have recently been using to discuss the weather and weather patterns with my sixth graders.  They can draw and erase quickly their work.


Jennifer uses Kami to grade within Google Classroom. Image source: Jennifer Crane.


What I like about Kami is usability. My students can draw and write on the same document – I don’t need to print everything. My school is 1:1 with touch screen Chromebooks. My students will flip the Chromebook open and write on the pdf as if it were paper. Recently, my sixth graders worked on an assignment that required them to draw on a weather map. To complete, they had to use the Drawing tool and the Shapes tool. Here are some examples of my students’ work:

Student 1 uses the Drawing Tool to annotate on the PDF.
Student 2 uses the Drawing Tool and the Shapes Tool (Circle) to annotate on the PDF.


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