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Taking Skills We Learned on the Playground to the Office

You may not realize it, but everything that you need to know about life you have learned on the playground. There are so many positive things that you can take to the workplace from your days as a kid on the playground, even to your personal relationships. Here are just a few of them.


How many days did you spend playing Barbie with your friends and brainstorming about Barbie’s next exciting adventure? How many times did you ask your siblings and parents to attend your little tea parties and your mini concerts in the living room? That’s collaboration right there.

Without collaboration or teamwork among your friends and family, those fun activities would’ve been pointless and boring.

Teamwork and collaborative thoughts are a must in the workplace. You need other people to accomplish your goals as much as they need you to accomplish theirs.


When we were much younger, if we wanted something, or if something annoyed us, we let Mom and Dad know. Usually, through tears and meltdowns, but we did let them know!

As adults, communicating what we want and don’t want has never been so complicated. It’s complicated but not impossible. We must speak our minds and communicate how we feel with no hesitation if we want to see changes happen in our lives or in our personal and professional relationships.


As kids, every new thing we bought and every new place we visited was amazing. We loved to go on daring adventures and do exciting new things.

Now that we’re much older, life has basically become all about work, money, and paying the bills.

Don’t live your life just to exist. Live your life to explore, experience, and learn. Live to have meaning. Remember that you are never too old to experience new things and visit new places. It’s never too late for an adventure!


When we were younger, even if we didn’t have a lot of nice things, it sure felt like we had everything, because of the power of our imagination. That one-bedroom apartment was actually a magical flying house at night, and that old dining room table was actually a fort that could ward off mean trolls.

Once in a while, we need to use our imagination to keep moving forward and change our lives for the better. We must unlock this creative reserve and release it in the workplace and in our personal pursuits. Can you just imagine how beautiful and exciting your world will be?


We were always told by our parents to share with those who don’t have any and with those who are in need. Be it an extra sandwich or an extra bottle of juice, we must always share what we can. After all, sharing is caring.

Now that we’re much older, we have the capacity to share more. We can share the gift of time with our friends, families, and colleagues. We can share our knowledge or expertise to those who are willing to learn. We can share love and kindness to those who need love and kindness in their lives.

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