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    MIT Students can now use Kami Premium for Free

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and faculty can now use Kami Premium for free. Sign up or log in with MIT school email and users will automatically get the free upgrade. For more information about our Kami for Universities promo, click here. Get started – http://web.kamihq.com Kami is also available at the Google Marketplace, Google Web Store, and Google Apps Marketplace.  

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    What are Students Looking for in a College?

    With a huge amount of colleges and universities around the world, sometimes it may be difficult to choose just one. Throughout time, senior high school students have always been faced with the confusing and, often, difficult decision about which college or university to go to. Never mind which course to major in — sometimes what makes the cut is the institution itself. Here are just a few things most American students look for in a college or university. Great academic opportunities and reputation As with almost anything else, an institution’s academic reputation and the chances it offers its students are paramount to its success. It may depend on the number…

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    9 Tips For First Year Uni Students

    Welcome to adulthood! Now that you are ready to tackle the life of a university student, it is time to get ready and become prepared for what’s in store. I have rounded up some tried and tested 1. Get all the perks Being a student has its perks. From UNiDAYS to public transportation discounts. Like cheaper bus fare price, food stamps, freebies, coupons, etc. No, seriously these are important. Not only does it ensure your discount on public transportation it also saves you a lot of money. 2. Sign up for the Student Association Well, this isn’t what I would consider as necessary as number one, but it is still…