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    The ultimate back to school checklist for teachers

    ‘I have so much to do!’ It’s the August mantra for teachers everywhere. As we edge towards the opening of school gates your to-do list is probably growing longer than a Leonard Cohen song – which is overwhelming for everyone.  Fortunately, we have taken some time to put together a thorough list of some of the key things you should focus on. Here is our ultimate back to school checklist for teachers:   1. All systems GO! Improvising is certainly a vital skill in education, but it’s not something you’re going to want to rely on for every single occurrence in a busy classroom. Take a good amount of time to…

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    MIT Students can now use Kami Premium for Free

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and faculty can now use Kami Premium for free. Sign up or log in with MIT school email and users will automatically get the free upgrade. For more information about our Kami for Universities promo, click here. Get started – http://web.kamihq.com Kami is also available at the Google Marketplace, Google Web Store, and Google Apps Marketplace.  

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    Famous Teachers and What We Can Learn from Them in 2015

    Teachers are one of the greatest influences any person can have. They hold in their hands the ability to share with you the very lessons that may make you who you want to be. Many of the lessons we learned at school were so tedious we swore the skills they taught would never come in handy. In hindsight, a lot of these lessons have helped us a lot more than we ever thought they could have. Often, it is helpful to look back on those lessons. Here are a few that have helped us along the way. Aristotle Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great and was one of…