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    Kami is an online document viewer and annotation tool. With classrooms going paperless and Chromebooks being rolled out across the United States, Kami solves one of the biggest problems faced by schools going paperless, and that is having the ability to annotate PDF files. We are currently the #1 PDF extension and app across Google marketplaces with over 3 million users. We will be connecting with teachers and technology integrators at ISTE and was would love to see you there!  CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR 1:1 KAMI APPOINTMENT AT ISTE 2017 For media requests contact: james@kamihq.com  

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    Introducing the Updated Tool Bar

    Today, we are excited to announce our new and improved toolbar. A major project that we have been working on in the last two months. We would like to thank our users who provided us with valuable feedback that helped improve the new toolbar’s UX/UI design. The philosophy behind the refresh is to make the Kami toolbar more intuitive for both new and old users, making discovery and functionality work hand-in-hand. Moreover, one of the fundamental changes to the aesthetic is the contrasting colors and updated icons. The new layout also enables touch screen users with better access requiring fewer clicks and lesser actions. Below is an outline of the…

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    Using Kami with Google Classroom

    Google Classroom and other Learning Management Systems (LMS) are revolutionising the way that teachers and students are working online. I was amazed when I first laid my eyes on Google Classroom – and I don’t think I will ever stop wondering what it would have been like if I had had Google Classroom when I was in school. Many of you would probably agree on that point. What makes Google Classroom so great? Google Classroom helps teachers save time, organise classes, and improve daily communication with students like no tool ever has. Launched in August 2014, Google has created an educational platform that will set the standard for future learning…

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    Introducing the Updated Drawing Tool

    We are excited to announce that we have just released our new and improved drawing tool in Kami. Those of you who have used it in the past may have found the tool to be a bit cumbersome, and we have been working hard to improve this. We are grateful to all of you who have given us great feedback about the tool and improvements you have seen that it needs. What is our drawing tool? The drawing tool allows for freehand drawings to be done anywhere on a document in Kami. We have received a ton of interest from teachers about the tool, especially those in sciences, maths, and…

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    What are the Hottest Topics in EdTech?

    Are you planning for upcoming EdTech conferences or Google Summits? You’ll want to stay on the lookout for some of the hottest topics in EdTech this year. Scanning through a schedule of events or flipping through a program of sessions is overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This list of the hottest topics in EdTech is sure to help you focus some of your energy as you plan for upcoming conferences and tools for your classroom. Virtual Reality This year virtual reality has taken off thanks to the easy and inexpensive Google Cardboard. I love how this tool in combination with a few great apps makes it easy…