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    We’ve Made Some Changes

    Does Kami look a little different to you? We’ve updated the Kami Tool Bar by renaming a few of the tools and updating some of the icons. We have renamed the following Kami Tools:   And we have changed the icons of the following Kami Tools: We are continuously looking at Kami to see how we can make your experience of using Kami the best it can be. Your feedback is important to us and if there is anything that you think we haven’t gotten quite right, please comment below.

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    Five Million Reasons to Celebrate our Fifth Birthday

    We recently turned five and our celebration has been extra special because our Kami community has grown to more than 5 million Kami users, creating an astonishing 420 million comments alone.  And as our community grows in number, we have also strengthened our relationship with educators through the Kami Heroes program. With Kami Heroes, we will continue to improve our app for the teachers and students. We have made it easier for thousands of American schools to go paperless, switching from traditional pen and paper to using devices such as Chromebook and Kami to create and annotate content and collaborate in the classroom. And in the past few months, we…

  • Go Accessible with your PDF’s Using Kami!
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    Beyond Digital: Go Accessible with your PDF’s Using Kami!

    This blog post was originally posted on Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles’s blog and is used with the author’s permission. Being a Kami Hero is pretty cool. Having the opportunity to test new features and explore the possibilities for this Chrome-based PDF tool is exciting. As an Assistive Technology specialist and consultant, I am always curious about if a particular tool is accessible for all, some or none. While there are many wonderful features in Kami, which can be found in this blog post by fellow Kami Hero Danna Pearsall here, there are some other wonderful features of Kami that help promote accessibility. The feature that will be covered in this post is Kami’s…

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    Kami: The PDF Tool You Deserve, But Not The One You Have Right Now

    This blog post was originally posted on Danna Pearsall’s Educational Blog and is used with the author’s permission. Danna Pearsall has been teaching for 12 years and during this time, has metamorphosed into a tech-savvy, highly-motivated teacher and Kami Hero. Follow her on Twitter @MrsDPearsall I recently became a Kami Hero (basically a bonafide Kami user), and I’m excited to share just a few of the marvelous things it has to offer.  I don’t really even remember when or how I first ran into Kami, but I find myself using or recommending someone else use it at least a few times a week.  Below are just some of my favorite uses of…

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    The New Header and Bates Tool by Kami

    Starting next month, Kami will be introducing the Header and Bates Tool to work users. The new tool will enable the addition of Bates numbers on documents. With the increasing number of lawyers, as well as people in the medical and business fields signing up to Kami, the demand for a PDF tool that can edit the headers with Bates and reflow the page numbers have been recognised, and we are excited to roll-out the new tool to help our professional users with their workflow. What is Bates? Bates numbering (also known as Bates stamping, Bates branding, Bates coding, or Bates labelling) is a method of indexing legal documents for easy…