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    How we’re preparing for GDPR

    Our commitment on the upcoming EU Data Regulation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will set a new standard for how companies use and protect EU citizens’ data. It will take effect from May 2018. At Kami, we’ve been working hard to prepare for GDPR, to ensure that we fulfill its obligations and maintain our transparency about customer messaging and how we use data. I’ve been working with our legal, engineering and operations teams to figure out how to convert GDPR legal provisions into tangible actions. We’ve been asking lots of questions, and our customers have been asking us questions. Here’s an overview of GDPR, and how we are…

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    Welcome to Kami: Google Classroom Integration, Video Annotation, Dictionary, and Equation Editor.

    Today we are excited to announce that we are launching four of our most exciting features yet, major updates that we have been working on for the last six months. While visiting the US last year, Kami visited classrooms to look at ways in which Kami could be better. Thanks to the great feedback that we collected from some brutally honest K-12 students, as well as the numerous faculty members with whom we have spoken by email and at the many edtech conferences Kami has attended, we were given a clear picture of what Kami needed to become an even better classroom tool. We are grateful for all of the…

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    Kami is an online document viewer and annotation tool. With classrooms going paperless and Chromebooks being rolled out across the United States, Kami solves one of the biggest problems faced by schools going paperless, and that is having the ability to annotate PDF files. We are currently the #1 PDF extension and app across Google marketplaces with over 3 million users. We will be connecting with teachers and technology integrators at ISTE and was would love to see you there!  CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR 1:1 KAMI APPOINTMENT AT ISTE 2017 For media requests contact: james@kamihq.com  

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    Surviving ISTE 2017 Like a Boss

    An Insider’s Guide to What to know before, during, and after the Conference When someone tells you that you are going to attend The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference and Expo, how do you feel? Are you, : A.) Excited to learn more and meet new people? Do you count the days until you have to go to the conference? Do you tell all your friends and family about your joy because of having to go to the event? B.) Worried or anxious because you only have a vague idea of what’s going to happen. Do hundreds of questions race in your mind? Who will I be…

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    Setting the Standard for Student Success with ISTE Learning Standards

    It’s graduation season. A time when students, parents, and teachers celebrate the years of hard work that culminated in this ceremonious completion of high school. Of course, graduation is less a culminating event, and more of a handoff from one life stage to the next, and the true success of the first stage is really determined by students’ readiness for the next one. Increasingly, that means preparing students with the technical skills needed to thrive in the modern workforce. However, while computer science instruction is emerging in schools, there is uneven application and some uncertainty about what exactly students need to know to be prepared for advanced training at the…