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    Kami for iPad

    Kami is a Chrome extension and therefore primarily designed to work in the Google Chrome environment. For the best experience of Kami, we suggest using either a Chromebook or a Mac/Windows/Linux computer.  It is possible to use Kami on an iPad, however as Chrome Extensions are not supported by Google Chrome on iOS, many features do not work as they would on another device. In this article, we will explain how to use, access, and open Google Classroom assignments in Kami with an iPad.    Is there a Kami app for iOS? We currently do not have a Kami iOS app. This means you will not be able to find…

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    Best Online Productivity Tools for More Productive Teachers

    It goes without saying that technology plays a huge part in our daily lives. Upon waking and before going to bed, we face our smartphones. Over the course of the day, we are also faced with multiple screens: laptops, TV’s, tablets. What were once viewed as luxuries and even out of this world are now considered as essential items. This, of course, applies to our professional lives as well. In every field of work, the main form of communication is via email, text messaging, or other similar messaging applications. Now, everything is online; your files are in the cloud, your friends and family are on Facebook, and your professional contacts…