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    3 Ways to use Kami in a Social Studies Classroom

    In social studies classrooms around the world, teachers use documents and images as a daily part of their curriculum. History is built on the analysis of first-hand accounts.  The interpretation of the meaning behind the words and images is archived for modern-day historians to retell stories.   While teaching high school history, I wanted to continually engage my students in this type of thinking and self-directed learning, allowing the students to become historians in my classroom.  In order to accomplish this task, I made it a goal to use as many different sources and documents in my classroom as possible.  With this task came an amazing waste of paper!  I…

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    Throwback: FETC 2017

    As many of you will know, Kami made the trip from New Zealand to Florida for FETC 2017. The team are loving the footage that the Kami GoPro caught at FETC 2017. We can’t wait for next year! Check it out below and head to our YouTube channel for more.

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    Celebrating International Women’s Day

    Happy International Women’s Day from the team at Kami! From Madonna to the Beyonce, and Sheryl Sandburg to Kami co-founder Alliv Samson, we are all surrounded by amazing, intelligent, smart, caring, and inspiring women. And it feels great to stop, take a breath, and celebrate them. Here’s to all the women in tech. All of the women in education. All of the women leading. All the #girlbosses. And all the women out there working tirelessly to make a difference. We thank you.  

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    Reflecting on FETC 2017

    As the curtain is drawn over FETC 2017, it is important to honor your pre-conference work by properly processing everything you learned and gained at FETC. Anyone who has attended an EdTech conference before knows the caffeine-fueled madness that unfolds over the few days, so it is important to take some time to process everything. The Kami team had a blast at FETC 2017! Every time we attend a conference we learn more, see more, and build even better relationships than the previous. As a team, we met some great people – educators, existing Kami users, and, hopefully, future Kami users too! Personally, I met some amazing technology coaches, technology integration…

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    Squad Goals: Preparing Your Dream Team for FETC 2017

    Who wouldn’t get excited by the prospect of rubbing elbows with leaders in the EdTech industry? More so, how exciting is the idea of seeing all of the newest, most innovative educational technology under one roof, surrounded by like-minded people from across the world experiencing this for the first time with you? Every EdTech enthusiast knows that the 37th National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) is going to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever. So, how do you take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with the biggest names in EdTech through FETC 2017? Pull together a squad that won’t waiver, even under the strongest…