• Benefits of technology in the classroom

    Are there really any benefits to technology in the classroom?

    Since the introduction of the chalkboard in the 1800s,  educational technology (edtech) has only accelerated. From television sets to overhead projectors and calculators, the last 200 years have seen teachers incorporate and utilize some of the major inventions of their age.  But in an overwhelmingly digital era, does modern classroom technology really have any benefits? Emphatically yes.  This may be a surprising answer given the popular anti screen narrative in the media. But while excessive use and unsafe internet access undoubtedly pose risks to young people, in a well-managed classroom environment there are many tangible advantages to digital aids.  So, what are the benefits of educational technology? Join us as…

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    Kami is Now SOPIPA Compliant and How This Affects You

    What is SOPIPA? SOPIPA is a California law regulating student privacy, which has been praised by President Obama and has inspired similar laws in many states, including Georgia, Delaware, Arkansas, Maryland, Oregon, and New Hampshire. It appears that laws like SOPIPA are the future of student data and privacy protection, so it is important to understand the specifics of these bills. The law prohibits operators from sharing student data and using that data for targeted advertising on students for a non-educational purpose. Student privacy laws are not new, but SOPIPA is innovative because it puts the burden of protection of student privacy on the companies that handle the data. The purpose…

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    Engaging More Students in the Classroom with Podcasting

    The classrooms of 2016 are brimming with technology. Students save their books to their tablets, and homework is assigned and submitted through Google Classroom or other learning management systems (LMS). More often than not, students ask their teachers for quick ways to consult, and these are usually done through text, chat, or e-mail. Although it is still quite important to have time with the students in the classroom, there is, by far, no reason to completely deny the opportunities presented by technology. With that said, teachers will always be tasked with keeping students’ attention! New medium for new thinkers Studies have shown that the attention span of K-12 learners is…