• So you have an LMS...now what?

    So you have a Learning Management System… now what?

    Congratulations – you’re finally on the other side! After months (or maybe years) of agonizing over software options, convincing stakeholders and drawing up fraught implementation plans, your school-wide learning management system is here and ready to rock. Now is the time where you sit back and let all your hard work come to fruition… well about that. As you may be quickly realizing the work doesn’t stop here. That new shiny LMS you have just implemented is really the engine fueling your path to more efficient digitally enabled classrooms – and for it to achieve your dreams it needs constant management.  Let’s dive into the brave new world of post…

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    Top 5 Apps that Revolutionise Parent Teacher Communication

    Many parents have the same dilemma when it comes to their children’s status in school: Because of their busy schedules, it is difficult to keep track of their children’s academic progress and involvement. Nonetheless, because of the emergence of new technologies, parents are now able to keep an eye on all school events and their children’s academic involvement. Buzzmob Buzzmob is a great app not only for parents but also for students, teachers, and administrators. It connects all of them through a location-based platform. The purpose of this app is to keep parents updated on school activities and programs as well as the progress of each student. This app also…