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    MIT Students can now use Kami Premium for Free

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and faculty can now use Kami Premium for free. Sign up or log in with MIT school email and users will automatically get the free upgrade. For more information about our Kami for Universities promo, click here. Get started – http://web.kamihq.com Kami is also available at the Google Marketplace, Google Web Store, and Google Apps Marketplace.  

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    Tech Essentials For Your Dorm Room

    College life in the modern era requires a lot of things. Finding the right balance between study and enjoyment is always a standard pursuit. From the tech side of things, that would probably require the ever trusty phone, the standard laptop, or the classic PC. But aside from those, here are a few more gadgets and devices that might just be essential for your college dorm room. Handheld Gaming Console Okay, we get it. Your smartphone has more games that could ever fill your free time, and your tablet’s graphics power might even make a PS Vita pant. But the fact is, games for dedicated consoles are just designed differently.…

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    Should Laptops be banned in Lecture Theatres?

    It is an undeniable fact that the use of technology has become ingrained in our daily lives. We use mobile gadgets and the Internet in almost everything that we do, including work, relaxation, and play. There is an increase in the use of technology in many different fields, one of them being education. Different educational programs and applications have emerged to aid teachers with their lectures and facilitate student learning. In order to gain access to these online resources, tablets or laptops are needed by the students. There is an ongoing debate regarding the use of laptops in the classroom in university lectures. Some professors firmly believe that laptops should be completely…

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    What are Students Looking for in a College?

    With a huge amount of colleges and universities around the world, sometimes it may be difficult to choose just one. Throughout time, senior high school students have always been faced with the confusing and, often, difficult decision about which college or university to go to. Never mind which course to major in — sometimes what makes the cut is the institution itself. Here are just a few things most American students look for in a college or university. Great academic opportunities and reputation As with almost anything else, an institution’s academic reputation and the chances it offers its students are paramount to its success. It may depend on the number…

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    Best Online Productivity Tools for More Productive Teachers

    It goes without saying that technology plays a huge part in our daily lives. Upon waking and before going to bed, we face our smartphones. Over the course of the day, we are also faced with multiple screens: laptops, TV’s, tablets. What were once viewed as luxuries and even out of this world are now considered as essential items. This, of course, applies to our professional lives as well. In every field of work, the main form of communication is via email, text messaging, or other similar messaging applications. Now, everything is online; your files are in the cloud, your friends and family are on Facebook, and your professional contacts…