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    Kami for collaboration

    Collaboration, good communication, and leadership are all vital life skills – that’s why Kami has been designed to facilitate engagement and teamwork both in and out of the classroom.  Here’s how you can use Kami to promote collaboration at school or in any remote learning environment.   1. Learning from each other’s questions: remote math Learning math remotely can be tough. Without a teacher on hand to explain concepts as you’re tackling them, or a partner to discuss with, things can get frustrating fast. Online teachers are in turn faced with an onslaught of individual questions from a class all doing the same set of questions. Explaining the same issue…

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    Update: New Privacy Features in Notable PDF

    Today we’re launching new privacy controls and the ability to share comments with different groups of people. When you open documents, you’ll see a icon at the top right, which allows you to switch between different tracked copies of the document. Annotations made within each copy are only visible within that copy, and can be shared separately. There are two kinds of copies: Google Drive copies and Local File copies. Google Drive copies are created when you open a file from Google Drive. Comments made within this copy are automatically shared with people who you have shared the file with on Google Drive – People who get the file from somewhere else won’t…