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    Chrome App Puts Tabs to Sleep

    The Chrome browser is great. Its simple, easily navigable interface has some of the coolest apps and extensions around (Kami), and it is fully integrated with most of Google’s primary services. However, there’s one problem: it is a memory hog. Thankfully, we have one more digital vanguard that can help us mitigate this inherent problem, and this new Chrome app can wilfully put the browser to a partial sleep. The Great Suspender, this new Chrome extension has the specific function to negate Chrome’s greatest drawback by suspending tabs that you are not currently using. It does this by letting the user set an amount of time for how long the…

  • EdTech,  Technology

    Tech Thursday: Learn Another Language with Duolingo

    Learning another language from scratch may not require specific technical skills, but it can still be very daunting, depending on your target language. Even with modern digital tools, advanced fluency and proficiency levels are seldom achieved in a short period of time. Duolingo, while not claiming to surpass other language learning software, aims to use a fresher approach to language learning. On paper, at least while introducing the basics, Duolingo functions simultaneously as a lesson book and drill book. It uses basic repetitions and interactive exercises for memorization, taking the users straight to hands-on activities as soon as the app starts. Content-wise, the most basic drills aren’t much different from…

  • Kami Newsroom

    Update: New Underline and Strikethrough Features in Notable PDF

    We have two new annotation tools: Underline Strikethrough These will automatically show up on your account once you receive an update. It will be added onto the toolbar found on the right hand side of your document. We have also refined the icons to be more intuitive and released a new color selector. Let us know what you think. Email us at hello@notablepdf.com.