Surviving an Edtech Business Trip

While attending EdTech business trips can be fun and exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking for someone who is a newbie to such trips. Neophytes can get the most out of any EdTech business trip if they are accompanied by colleagues who can assure them that it’ll be worth it. These colleagues can help them breeze through the whole experience with fond memories to cherish later on. They act as a support group and can boost your confidence while participating in various activities that the trip has to offer.

So how do you get by with your peers and get along well with others during these business trips? Here are some things that you better remember:

Get organised before the trip.

You and your colleagues should discuss among yourselves the tools that you might need for your upcoming business trip. Those who had experienced attending conferences in the past can have a lot of ideas to contribute. They can give the others a heads up of what to expect and what to bring along with them.

Use your number to your advantage. Build a network during the trip.

A delegation can indeed do more than an individual can. This is the reason institutions opt to send a team to an EdTech business trip instead of asking 2 or 3 heads of offices to join. You and your colleagues can easily build a network during the trip. Connections are easier to establish when you and your colleagues do not limit yourselves to a single group of people. Talk to your peers in the industry and gain insights as regards their company’s best practices in the field of education technology.

Prioritise your learning needs.

An EdTech business trip can present to you thousands of learning experiences. There are conferences that offer many different sessions. Thus, you need to pre-select which of these sessions are worth your time. It is best if you can identify the areas where you want to learn and grow more and put them on top of your list. This way, you and your colleagues can fix your schedule by your targets.

Conduct debriefing sessions with your colleagues.

Debriefing sessions will ensure that everybody on your team is doing alright throughout the duration of the business trip. You can keep track of each other’s progress and be a mentor to everyone else on the team. Those who are bothered by certain issues will be able to address such issues and get back on track with ease.

Get involved. Have fun! (Just don’t get carried away).

View the EdTech business trip as an opportunity to bond with your colleagues. Have fun while learning! Interact with them and share stories about how your institution is faring in terms of adopting new technologies. Be catalysts of change by collaborating with others in trying to create a positive impact in the world of education technology.

If all fails, treat your colleagues to a few Margaritas and take them all to a Karaoke club.


Maria Dublin
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