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Glenunga International High School Collaborate Files with Kami

In a Nutshell

“My students and I use Kami every day because it’s the only app that allows simultaneous collaborative annotation for PDF files in real-time. No other applications can provide this feature except for Kami. Kami is a powerful tool that is very useful in the classroom.”
– Corin Bone, Arts Coordinator, Glenunga International High School

Challenge: Finding a tool that provides a venue for collaborative learning among the students.

Solution: With Kami, text and graphic annotations can be done. It can be connected to Google Drive and projected in a smartboard.

Benefit: Immediate. Collaborative. Powerful. These are the three words that sum up how useful Kami is in the classroom. Real-time collaboration, in the classroom, is enabled while the students’ easy access to necessary files is also provided.

About the School

Glenunga International High School is a secondary school in Adelaide. It is committed to pursue academic excellence in different fields of study, such as Science, Math, English, and the Humanities. It offers four programs, one of which is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The IB Diploma program provides harmony between the desire for general education and the response to the need for specialization. The students can choose, from among six areas, where they want their skills to be honed.

Academic and Technical Challenges

One of the areas of specialization in the IB diploma is a comprehensive course in Music. IB Music is a stringent course that aims to get students to specialize in areas such as solo or group presentations and composing music. Students are trained to have a deeper understanding, sharp hearing, and analytical, interdisciplinary, and critical thinking skills. This involves working on vast pieces of musical sheets for long time periods, adding more detail to the sheets as they progress.

The file should be available to the students whenever they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The students should be able to perform music analysis without the risk of work duplication. There should be a venue where they can collaborate on ideas. To make the process of collaboration easier, the musical piece needs to be displayed on a smartboard that is visually appealing. A lot of products that are available do not have this option. Ideally, an application should enable a large musical score to be marked up with text and graphic annotations.

Kami Provides a Solution

Corin Bone, an arts coordinator who teaches music at Glenunga International High School, tried searching for a PDF editor that can be used in a Google classroom. She had already tried many products, all to no avail, until she discovered Kami in Google Drive Apps Search. It is the only application that can meet her classroom’s needs. Since it can be connected to Google Drive, simultaneous collaborative annotation in real time was finally achieved.

The main features used in the classroom are the PDF viewer and the ability to add text, draw shapes, and draw in free hand. Any student can save, share, or access PDF files whenever they need them from their drive. Ever since it has been implemented in the classroom, Kami has been used by students and teachers on a daily basis.

The interface was described by the students as engaging, colorful, and intuitive. The application doesn’t require a high level of technical knowledge skills to use. It is very simple and can be used easily by anyone. The files can be scanned through easily while still maintaining high resolution. There are also no dropouts or lags, which commonly occur in other cloud PDF editors.

Why Using Kami Is Beneficial

The other applications available have designs and features that can be compared to the usual word editing programs. With Kami, the layout of the application is more intuitive, enabling greater accessibility and allowing annotations to be done in a jiffy. There are numerous benefits to Kami. This includes providing a venue for collaborative learning in the most efficient way. Since it can be connected to Google Drive, files can be saved and shared 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any hassle. Indeed, it is an application that is highly recommended for instructors to facilitate learning in the classroom.


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