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Success at Kami Connect – our first ever virtual conference

The Kami team is still buzzing from our first-ever virtual conference. It was such a pleasure to connect with educators from all over the world and hear the words of wisdom from our wonderful lineup of expert speakers – all while social distancing!

Want to relive some of the highlights of Kami Connect? Join us as we indulge ourselves in a bit of a reminisce on our favorite moments from the day:

Getting ready for some flexible learning with Jake Miller

First up was our magnificent keynote speaker Jake Miller. As a tech integration specialist and former science teacher, Jake is in a perfect position to give us an overview of what flexible learning could mean for us as we head back to school. 

The central message of Jake’s presentation was opening our minds to new, if challenging, situations, rather than shutting down possibilities straight away. Adapting to a new, flexible mindset can be done by embracing the word and instead of but. For example: changing the sentence “My students need flexible ways to express themselves but we are in remote learning.” To “My students need ways to flexibly express themselves and we are in remote learning.” Just this subtle shift in framing can help us take any situation by the horns and find new solutions to seemingly impossible situations. 

Jake also reminds us that we can create a much more flexible situation by controlling our responses to events. He even had a nifty little equation to help us remember:


Event + Response = Outcome


Using this positive framing, Jake looks at a variety of situations facing educators this back to school (think providing effective feedback, digital accessibility, and more) and looks at how edtech can support a functional solution. 


Check out what Jake had to say here:

Finding ways to keep collaborating with Dodie Ainslie

Leading our next session was Dodie Ainslie, expert, and veteran of the edtech integration sphere. We were privileged to have Dodie’s insight into this topic. 

In an age where any question can be answered by a video online, Dodie was clear that in her district, what students wanted was a connection with their own teachers and classmates. Students needed explanations and guides made by familiar faces, not merely links to online resources. But how can you facilitate this sort of collaboration digitally?



Using Kami to up-engagement


Dodie puts together a remarkable selection of real classroom examples to create collaborative feedback loops between students and teachers using Kami.

Delve into Dodie’s collaboration examples from the music, ELA, math, world language, science, and even a wellness activity here:


Using Kami to create a Universally Designed Classroom with Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

Access is love – is the powerful message from Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles’s presentation ‘5 uses for Kami in the UDL classroom’. Extensive experience as Assistive Technology Specialist, Special Education Consultant, and teacher (to name just a few of her roles) have fueled Hillary’s passion for making curriculum and instruction accessible to all learners – as well as helping educators recognize their learner’s needs!

Hillary’s presentation takes us through exactly what the term Universal Design for Learning means and how it allows for a more flexible approach to education. Using real subject-based examples she takes us through how Kami’s features make UDL possible in both the physical and virtual classroom. Check out Hilary’s tips here: 


Creating remote learning strategies that work with Tom Gavin

Tom Gavin took to the virtual stage for our penultimate presentation. As the Supervisor of Instructional Technology & Libraries at Colonial District, Tom is in a fantastic position to give the district-wide view of remote learning strategy and what comes next for this back to school. 

Using his first-hand experience of successfully taking his district remote alongside a keen eye for detail, Tom took us through exactly how to create a remote learning plan that supports educators, and 10 crucial lessons he has learned in the process. 

Learn more about Tom and Colonial District’s lessons for remote learning success here:



Bringing blended learning to your classroom with Estee Williams

Blended Learning may once have been a fashionable buzzword, but for Educational Technology Coach Estee Williams, it’s now the central focus of her years of expertise. Leading the charge in her school district, Estee is putting blended learning into practice as schools look at a number of possibilities in a challenging back to school environment. 

Using her hands-on experience with practically implementing a blended learning strategy, Estee explains its five essential characteristics:

  1. Deliberate design
  2. Facilitated by an engaged teacher
  3. Learner centered
  4. Multimodal
  5. Collaborative


As well as detailing each aspect of blended learning Estee also gives us real-life examples of how Kami can be practically leveraged to facilitate each aspect across the curriculum. 

Looking to get excited about the blended learning classroom, check out Estee’s presentation here: 


A huge thank you

Last but certainly not least we want to express a massive thank you to everyone that attended Kami Connect. Your questions, engagement, and passion in the live chat and on social media brought the event alive and reaffirmed what we love most about supporting educators


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Watch this space – Kami’s next virtual conference is coming soon!


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