Squad Goals: Preparing Your Dream Team for FETC 2017

Who wouldn’t get excited by the prospect of rubbing elbows with leaders in the EdTech industry? More so, how exciting is the idea of seeing all of the newest, most innovative educational technology under one roof, surrounded by like-minded people from across the world experiencing this for the first time with you?

Every EdTech enthusiast knows that the 37th National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) is going to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever. So, how do you take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with the biggest names in EdTech through FETC 2017? Pull together a squad that won’t waiver, even under the strongest of winds.

At FETC, innovation in learning technologies will be revealed. As new technolgies are unveiled, all participants will get to take part in revolutionising the field of education. The new technology’s impact on the future may be hard to quantify and is more complex than you can imagine. That said, there is no doubt that sending your dream team to attend FETC is better than sending only a handful of strays.

Safety in numbers

For a newcomer, it can be overwhelming to attend FETC, especially if one is going unprepared. Attending as a team assures that each participant has a support group where the members of the team can pool their resources and ideas together. Will your team be travelling from afar? Use this time to discuss #edtech if you want to avoid dull anecdotes.

During the conference, a team can easily build a strong network for your workplace. More working minds and mouths can do the gargantuan task quite easily. After FETC 2017, the team can also echo what they had learned to their co-workers quickly. The more participants there are, the quicker it is to cascade information to the bottom of the organisation chart.

Your goal as a team is to make the most out of FETC 2017. To do this, here are some helpful tips:

Make Everyone Aware of the Goal

FETC boasts over a thousand various learning experiences and environments. Thus, you need to organize your priorities and set your targets ahead of time so you can fix your schedule. Ensure that each member knows the direction. It will be best if you get to agree on a common goal.

Make Everyone Aware of Their Roles

Assign each person to attend the sessions where he or she is an expert. Your aim should be to have the information relayed to you by the most competent member of the team who, in turn, has proficiency, if not mastery, of the subject assigned to him or her.

Brainstorm as a Team

FETC has lounges as well as informal learning spaces where you can gather up your team for debriefing and the sharing of comments.

Visit Kami at booth 1260

Consider yourself a Kami pro? If you would like to be part of the team for FETC 2017 send me an email at james@kamihq.com for more information.

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