Spring Promo: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Kami Teacher Plan

This promo has ended.


With summer break just around the corner, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning and get ready for the next school year! It’s also the time of year when everyone is feeling the pressure of the up and coming SATs. While many students are cramming and drowning in a sea of papers, others are using apps like Kami to study collaboratively.

To celebrate spring, Kami is giving away two Kami Teacher Plans for the price of one, with the rest of this school year free! This means that you (and all of your students) + a teacher friend (and all of their students) get access to the highest tier of Kami plans for $99. With the rest of the school year free, your students can get started on Kami right away, and continue using Kami for the next school year.

To redeem, click here.

Why upgrade?

The upgraded versions of Kami feature great tools that you can’t find on the free version, such as Text to Speech Tool, Voice Annotation Tool, and the Insert Image Tool to name a few.

Text to Speech Tool

This tool is perfect for students who have difficulty reading lengthier texts. It’s really easy to use and has just been updated last month and it is now easier to change the accent and the speed on how your text is read. With the new toolbar, you can easily tweak your configurations right after clicking the Text to Speech icon.

Voice Annotation Tool

If you have students that have trouble typing or like to take a more discussion based approach to studying, the voice annotation tool is perfect. It works the same way as the comment tool, except you can record a verbal response for up to 5 minutes.

Insert Image Tool

If you want to add an image to a document, you can do so with the Kami Teacher Plan. This works really well for studying longer texts for subjects where maps or other images can give more context or jog the memory.

Google Drive Integration

With Google Drive integration all of your annotations will automatically be saved back to Google Drive, so there is no need to worry about losing work. Kami also works with Google Classroom. In a few clicks you can have all of your work assigned to your students, and have them complete it in Kami and submit it back to you upon completion.


The Kami Teacher Plan also offers one of the best OCR tools available. If you are working with scanned documents, simply select the OCR tool from the drop down menu, and turn your scanned pages from books into usable documents.

Why Kami Teacher Plan over Schools Plan?

The advantage of this is that teachers can easily decide and upgrade within their classroom using their classroom budget allocated to materials and tools. The Kami Teacher Plan is easier and faster as you no longer have to go through a lengthy buying process of a typical purchasing structure.

While the Kami Teacher Plan includes all of the same tools that are offered in the Schools Plan, this plan gives you the control to make the decision to purchase tools quickly that you know will be beneficial to your classroom.

To redeem the buy 1 get 1 free promotion, simply click here to purchase and you will be emailed two activation codes – 1 for yourself and 1 for a friend!

*promotion runs from 11 April 2017 until 13 May 2017. Limit of 3 licenses per school.

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