Social Studies Teaching Made Easier: Top 6 Chromebook Apps

Chromebook’s are very popular in schools nowadays, and so far, Google is doing a good job of helping teachers and students integrate technology in their everyday classes through this useful device. While Chromebooks assist students in doing their projects and homework, Google Chromebooks are also valuable for teachers. Thanks to Chromebook’s, teachers can meet deadlines faster, and complete their tasks easily.

Because Google Chromebook is very handy, teachers no longer have to depend on old educational tools since almost everything they need in classes are now in the palms of their hands. Indeed, Google Chromebook is beneficial to teachers, particularly to social studies teachers because of the myriad apps it offers. To attest to this notion, here are the top Chromebook apps that make teaching social studies a lot easier.


Maintaining a students attention in class can be challenging at the best of times. Thus, it is important to show them something interesting before you start your class. Because students no longer buy traditional icebreakers like they used to, you can get their attention by showing them an animated presentation. This can be done using the app PowToon, which you can easily download in your Chromebook device. This will not only engage your students with the lessons, but it will also motivate them to show their creativity by using the same app.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is also great for making presentations. With this Chromebook app, teachers can easily make slideshows with high-quality images, thus improving their presentation. This app is convenient, especially for teachers who are not as tech-savvy as they would like to be, since it offers easy formatting, sizing, and designing. Photos can also be imported from Google Drive and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


With more than 600 history maps beginning in 300 BC, TimeMaps helps social studies teachers in providing their students with accurate information on worldwide history. This Chromebook app also provides articles and teaching resources that teachers can surely make use of.


DOGOnews is a great app to keep teachers updated on global news and current events. Through this Chromebook app, teachers will be able to know the things happening around the world without watching the news on television. Despite their busy schedule, they will still have access to news that they can easily share with their students. This app can also aid students in doing their homework about current events.


Like DOGONews, Newsela is home to global and local news articles that can help teachers deal with their social studies classes. This app also benefits students as it helps them enhance their love for reading. It also improves their knowledge about the histories and cultures of different countries.


Last but not least on our list is Micro. This Chromebook app is a great alternative for the traditional blackboard. With Micro, teachers can easily organize their ideas, thus helping students understand lessons easily. Because this app is interactive, teachers will no longer have a hard time organizing projects, especially big ones. Both students and teachers can benefit from this amazing app by sharing boards, creating posters, and adding files to boards like photos and videos.

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