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Signs You Should Be Freelancing Instead of Working an Office Job

Working a full-time office job certainly has its benefits, but so does working as a freelancer. It’s okay to feel uncertain making that big leap from full-time employee to freelancer. But you know what they say: If you can’t stop thinking about it, then maybe it’s worth a shot. How do you know you’re meant to do freelance work? Read on and find out if you’re exhibiting some of these signs.

You Daydream About More Flexibility When it Comes to Your Working Hours

The 9-to-5 job is okay. But given the choice between whiling away the hours, trying to look productive, and working only on days that you want to work, we figure you’ll pick the latter. Traditional work hours truly cramp your style and your creativity, and freelancing can provide you with the freedom to create the life that you want.

You Want More Control Over Your Work

It’s just not the same when you have a boss that you must consult first before you present or execute an idea. It’s also frustrating to see such big and imaginative work cut down to something nice and presentable because of so many limitations. Also, working on projects that were assigned to you is just not as exciting as picking the projects, yourself, that you want to work on.

You Have a Good Handle on Your Finances

You can afford to freelance, meaning you have enough savings in the bank; you can pay your bills without dipping into your savings, and you’re not neck-deep in debt. You have more than enough to coast through a period of little to no income while you establish your clientele and put together a portfolio.

You’re Great at What You Do

Your passion for your craft is clearly and effectively translated into your work. Your boss tells you that you’re good. Clients are constantly impressed with what you do. Friends and colleagues, even strangers, approach you to ask if they can commission you for work. You are effortlessly excellent at your craft, and people don’t mind paying you for it.

You Don’t Want to Put a Cap on How Much You Earn

If you freelance successfully, two hours of work can pay you more than what you earn in a day at your full-time job. The idea of deciding how much you want to earn at a given time excites you. You want to work on fixed-price projects, and you’re also open to the idea of charging an hourly rate. It just boils down to how many hours you want to work per week and how much you want to earn.

If it scares you, then it’s worth doing. Freelancing need not be a stressful and disorganized affair. There are many productivity tools available that you can use to jumpstart your freelancing career and, ultimately, make work easier and more systematic.

Kami is a great freelancer’s tool that allows you to work straight from your browser. Just drag your documents in and start working on them with no hassle. Anything you can do on paper, you can do with Kami with the ease of sharing and collaborating with clients and other team members.


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