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Scholarship Applications Made Easy with Technology

A new school year is about to start, and many students and parents are again on their wits’ end trying to figure out where to get the money to pay for tuition. Indeed, scholarships have been very vital in making education more affordable to the students. Scholarships help them have more time to concentrate on their studies instead of doing part-time work. It also reduces the number of loans they need to avail to finish college. As teachers who value education very much, it is our only wish that we can help these students in the best way that we can, if we are only capable financially and do not have hectic schedules.

Help is available to those who need it

A lot of funding is available to help students in the form of monetary aid from governments, colleges, and private institutions. However, it is hard for students to balance their time between numerous school requirements and the tedious process of university and scholarship applications. The time available for finding and applying for scholarships is very minimal. It is very fortunate that the education technology industry has been sensitive to the needs of the students and has continuously found ways to make students lives easier. 

Just know where to look.

The use of search engines has been maximized so that the students will have a platform where they can go through financial aid opportunities with just one click. Hassle-free searching processes will help the students fit in the task of scholarship searching to their very hectic schedules during their senior year. Some of the most popular search engines available include FastWeb, College Board, College Net, Zurich, and Scholarships.com. Each website has its distinct feature that will suit each student’s preference on how he or she wants to go about searching.


FastWeb enables the student to keep their scholarship search well-organized. Students can keep track of the financial aid opportunity they are interested in, the ones they already have applied for, and the ones they removed from their preferences.

FastWeb College Scholarships

College Board

College Board allows the student to narrow down their choices by their interests and personal background. It also publishes articles on the site to help the students make informed decisions.

College Board College Scholarships

College Net

College Net gives the option to do searching by using keywords. The student can sign up to have a profile that matches their information with the specifications of available scholarships.

College Net College Scholarships


Scholarship.com gives students an option to subscribe to their site so that they will receive email alerts for available financial aids.

Scholarship.com College Scholarships


The teacher knows best. Indeed, technology has been a big help in making our lives easier. However, even though technology provides us the convenience in preparing the future of students, nothing can compare to the personal touch of educators in molding their students. The technology available and advice based on years of experience can help a student prepare for his or her future.

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