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Rutgers University Uses Kami for Academic Excellence

In a Nutshell

“Finally after downloading and trying out several PDF editors that turned out to be spam ware I found Kami to be the best option. Taking notes in class is now a breeze. Efficient, elegant and economical: What more can you ask for? It is really an awesome product!”
– Yehram Kang, Student, Rutgers University

Challenge: Finding a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader that can enable students to edit and add comments to documents.

Solution: Kami is a PDF editor where text and graphic annotations can be done. It can also be connected to Google Drive.

Benefit: Several users can attest that Kami is efficient, simple, and affordable. The tools that it provides are comprehensive, yet it is very easy to use because of its simple interface. The best part of it all is that its premium option is very affordable and well within the budget of a college student.

About the University

Rutgers University is New Jersey’s State University, one of the oldest higher academic institutions in the United States. It has grown to 31 schools and colleges providing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees ever since it was founded in 1766. It is one of the leading research universities in the country, and it aims to contribute to the improvement of the environmental, health, cultural, and social welfare of the state. It is committed to providing services to the public. It serves as a support system for the concerns of the state’s citizens and those of the local and state government.

Academic and Technical Challenge

Rutgers University strives hard to satisfy its mission to meet the highest standards of academic excellence. It always wants to open up new opportunities and make groundbreaking discoveries through research. This is achieved through the use of high-caliber teaching methods and comprehensive and up-to-date references to keep up with the changing times. In line with this, tools must be available to allow students to do all of the arduous tasks that are given to them. This includes being able to keep up with the lectures and readings given in the classroom.

Kami Provides a Solution

Yehram Kang, a student at Rutgers University, wanted to make note taking in class easier. The Chromebook that he owns does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to enable him to edit and add comments. Given that PDF files are widely used in his classes, he decided to look for similar software through a Google search. Most of the software he found were not working and often turned out to be spam ware.

Finally, he came upon a website that lists the top 10 most useful applications wherein Kami is included. Since Kami was supported by several positive reviews, he decided to give it a try. He found that the program is extremely easy to use. One does not need to have technical skills to use it because of its simple format. It has all the tools that the Adobe Acrobat Reader offers. When he availed of the premium edition, he was able to fully maximize the great features of Kami such as its ability to be synced to Google Drive. He can now save, share, or access the PDF file whenever he needs it.

Ever since he downloaded the application, he has been using it every day for his academic requirements. The features that he commonly uses are file viewing, highlighting, adding text, drawing shapes, and saving the files to Google Drive. Note-taking has never been so easy that he highly recommends it to his colleagues. He appreciates the fact that Kami is being sold at a price of only 2 dollars, which is very student-friendly considering the many benefits one can get from the application.

Why Using Kami is Great for Students

There is no other application that can match up to what Kami can offer. Other available applications have designs and features that are comparable to ordinary word editing programs.

With Kami, the format of the application doesn’t require excessive processing, thus making it more accessible and enabling users to place comments in just a matter of minutes. Kami provides benefits that are truly helpful to students. Kami does more than what is expected by providing a venue for collaborative learning in the most efficient way. Given that it can be connected to Google Drive, files can be saved and shared anytime without posing any inconvenience to the users. Indeed, it is an application that makes it easier for students to get by with their tasks in school.

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