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Review changes with your Annotation Summary

Want to review your annotations in the swiftest way possible? Rather than scrolling down your document, you can now view a summary list of your annotations in just two easy steps.

For those who are collaborating on the same file, this feature will be useful to track changes made by other collaborators. This feature is also useful for teachers who need to view their student’s annotations through a summarized view.


To see the Annotation Summary:

  1. Open any file in Kami (make sure you are logged in)
  2. In the menubar, click Toggle Sidebar > Annotation Summary



  • You can view the author of the annotation by hovering over their profile icon
  • Hover over an annotation in the list to see the exact time and date of an annotation or when editing occurred
  • If there were a reply included in a Text Comment, this would also update the timestamp of the annotation
  • If you make any changes to an existing Text Box using Rich Text Editor, the activity will update the timestamp but will remain as the same Text Box history in the list



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