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Reflecting on FETC 2017

As the curtain is drawn over FETC 2017, it is important to honor your pre-conference work by properly processing everything you learned and gained at FETC. Anyone who has attended an EdTech conference before knows the caffeine-fueled madness that unfolds over the few days, so it is important to take some time to process everything.

The Kami team had a blast at FETC 2017! Every time we attend a conference we learn more, see more, and build even better relationships than the previous. As a team, we met some great people – educators, existing Kami users, and, hopefully, future Kami users too! Personally, I met some amazing technology coaches, technology integration specialists, and EdTech speakers. These people are some of the warriors at the front of the EdTech line, leading by example and educating the educators. I am continuously impressed with all of the work you do for education, so I am sending my thanks to you!

I was also lucky enough to get away from the Kami booth (thanks for holding the fort, team) and attend a few workshops. The ones that stuck out to me were “Ready, Set, Go 1:1 with Chromebooks” with Jenna Linskens and “Collaborate and Create with Google Drive Add-Ons & Chrome Extensions” with Ben Sondgeroth. It was amazing to be in collaborative learning environments with real educators who had real questions and concerns. I think one of the major benefits of an EdTech conference is how widespread the attendees are. Attendees come from a variety of areas, school types, and budgets, which inspires a broader perspective of the struggles and successes that educators deal with.

As always, meeting people at our booth is always a highlight. It’s always a pleasure to meet existing users as well as potential new users. It is so nice to talk with educators in the classroom and learn what they are struggling with. A major hurdle many educators are coming up against is going paperless, and many are rightfully concerned about how they are going to manage their current document flow when moving their learning resources to the cloud to save money, time spent copying and printing, and paper. It feels great to know that Kami offers the best solution on the market for this. We’re a small team that works really hard, so knowing that people find that what we are creating is useful keeps us going!

As with anything, if it’s worth doing, it is worth doing well. That’s why it is essential that we all do our follow-up admin post conference. While everyone attended FETC with different goals in mind, here are a few ideas on how to process the information overload.

Join the Conversation If you haven’t already, jump on Twitter and check out the #FETC tweets. This will be a good start in jogging your memory and will get you back into the FETC headspace. Make sure to follow the vendors you found interesting as well as the people who have interesting opinions on EdTech.

Network  Organise all contacts you made at FETC. This could be anything from putting collected business cards into an organiser or connecting with people on Facebook and creating a group where you can share resources.

Organise We all collected swag from booths in the Expo Hall, and now is the time to go through it and assess how it can work for you. Organise flyers into piles of want – need – discuss – and let go. This will make it easier to assess how these products could meet your schools priorities.

Contact Email any booths that you have questions for, so you can offer the best information to your faculty.

Report Build your cases and report to your school about your findings. Doing this step well will ensure you get a repeat trip to the next conference.

Relax, Detox, Unwind, Destress – Take some seriously needed downtime this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who made FETC 2017 a possibility! We can’t wait to see you next year.

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