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Recommended Android Apps for Chrome Extensions

The news of Android apps being transformed into Chrome extensions is something that we have already heard for quite a long time. However, official extension releases were literally in trickles, and users are usually left to manually “filter” their apps for quite some time. Thankfully, there is already a good number of great Android apps that have been officially released as Chrome extensions, and you may find some of these interesting to use.


Mobile messaging platforms are a staple of tablet/smartphone operating systems when it comes to communication mediums. But while it might not be as efficient to use on standard PCs, its availability is still convenient, and that’s the core functionality of WhatsChrome. Built as a bridging extension (no pun intended) for WhatsApp, it maintains connectivity to your Android smartphone using active monitoring. This means that aside from the chat app itself, it also includes the obligatory desktop-based message notifications and via-PC file media messaging options.



MathFriendzy is a good example of a simple game app that was developed for native Chrome use. Unlike WhatsChrome, however, this is technically a direct “port” of the original game, only optimized for browser use. As for the app itself, the interface is very reminiscent of basic education game software for PCs but is significantly boosted by usage data and the Internet. For instance, users can see their progress in each activity; there are options to develop your math skills through math exercises, notifications to update parents on your progress, and even an online scoring system for a little competitive touch.

MathFriendzy screenshot

Evernote Web

As obligatory as this entry may seem for a note-based app, yes, Evernote does have a web version that is a Chrome extension. The app is self-explanatory for the most part, but integration is the keyword here. Access to your notes, lists, reminders, and other important item data are available through all of your PCs and devices that use the same account, and this includes this very Chrome extension. Of course, a few tweaks have been made to make it slightly different, such as the updated further minimalistic design layout of its interface, but you can trust it to be just as easy to use as its other incarnations.

Evernote  Google Android Screenshot


Indeed, what app/software/extension list would it be without at least one Voice over IP service? We’ll, of course, exclude the other one that you might already be very familiar with, and introduce Viber instead. Much like our previous game app entry earlier, this one is almost a direct port of the Android app that preceded it. That’s right, even down to the button layout, options, and other stuff that you’re already fiddling with on your Android smartphone. Just remember that it requires re-verification, which makes it a bit detached from the Android version.

Viber Google Android Screenshot


Finally, we have our email extension entry, and by specific definition, an all-in-one email extension. CloudMagic, like most all-in-one email apps, provides seamless access to all email addresses that you regularly use. With a very simple yet vaguely familiar visual layout, it blends very well to Android’s intuitive interface. The Chrome extension version is exactly the same (surprise!), almost as if you’re trying to access Gmail with a long list of different functional email addresses. Of course, the “seamless access” function is retained, allowing the use of both its Android version and Chrome extension at relatively the same time efficiently.

Cloudmagic Google Android Screenshot

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